Union Bank Mini Statement Download by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

Union Bank of India offers mini statement facility to its registered customers in various forms, Union Bank customers can download their Union Bank Mini Statement online and offline using various options, These include getting the statement by calling the Union Bank Mini Statement phone number or through the SMS banking facility.

Union Bank Mini Statement

Union Bank customers get details of their last 5 transactions called mini statement, If we find any difference in the bank transactions we can see the mini statement and find out where the difference happened, Dialing a phone number or even visiting an ATM center, A mini statement can be taken.

Union Bank Mini Statement Number

Union Bank Mini Statement Missed Call Number 09223008486 It is imperative to call this number only through your registered number, Union Bank Mini Statement SMS Number 09223008486 SMS to this number only through your registered number is imperative.

Union Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call

To get mini statement by dialing missed call to Union Bank you need to follow below.

  1. Make a missed call to 09223008586 from your Union Bank linked mobile phone number.
  2. A mini statement SMS will be sent to your phone after the missed call is disconnected.
  3. Union Bank Mini Statement SMS provides information about your most recent account 5 transactions.

Union Bank Mini Statement by SMS

After linking your mobile number to your account for Union Bank Mini Statement send an SMS in the following format from your registered mobile number.

  1. Primary account statement : UMNS
  2. (e.g. UMNS sent to 09223008486)
  3. Other account statement : UMNSAccount number
  4. (e.g. UMNS566802071234567 sent to 09223008486)

Union Bank Mini Statement by ATM

Learn how to get Union Bank Mini Statement through ATM using the following methods.

  1. Take Union Bank Debit Card and use it to access ATM.
  2. Choose your language.
  3. Enter your ATM four digit PIN requested.
  4. Select ‘Mini Statement’ from the ATM screen menu.
  5. Choose Savings or ‘Current’ account type.
  6. Now the receipt you receive from the ATM will contain your mini statement containing the last 5 transactions.