‘Track Fitness Activity’ How to Track your Daily Fitness Activity

Nowadays exercise is essential for the overall health of man, Exercise increases physical fitness, Helps control excess body weight, keeps muscles strong, keeps bones strong, boosts immunity.

Doing some exercise such as daily walking and meditation will not only keep a person energetic throughout the day but also mentally strong, Exercising every day can prevent chronic diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Track Fitness Activity

If you exercise regularly every day and you have an Android or iPhone and use an Apple Watch, you can ‘Track your Fitness Activity‘, The fitness app on your Android or iPhone records your activity, you can view at least six months of ‘Fitness Activity

The fitness app on your mobile saves and displays ‘Your Daily Fitness Activity‘ data including active calories, exercise minutes, stand hours, stand minutes, walking distance, cardio fitness, walking speed.

What is My ‘Daily Fitness Activity’

When you open the ‘Fitness App‘ on your Android or iPhone, you’ll see a preview of ‘Your Daily Health Details‘, such as the number of steps you’ve walked in a day and the distance you’ve traveled, A fitness app that connects you to your Heart Points Fitness Activity data for the day, week and month.

If you want to go into your fitness app history and want a day’s worth of information on your fitness activity data, select that day to see all the activities you’ve tracked, You can click on ‘My Activity‘ to view the distance, calories and other exercise data you’ve walked in a day, How to view your Fitness Activity in the Fitness app on your Android or iPhone is written in detail below.

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Track Fitness Activity

How to Track ‘Your Fitness Activity’ through iPhone

  1. You can track your daily exercise status on your iPhone and view your progress on the Fitness app anytime
  2. Continue ‘your Fitness Activity‘ during the day and you can follow the simple steps below to track your activity
  3. To track your activity on your iPhone, first, open the ‘Fitness’ app
  4. After you launch the Fitness app for the first time on iPhone, you will see Welcome to Fitness on the screen.
  5. You can find your activity from today under “Activity” at the top of the screen.
  6. This section shows the following information related to your ‘Daily Fitness Activity
  7. Like steps you’ve taken and distance you’ve walked and activity circle options.
  8. If you click any part of the activity box it will provide detailed information about your activities on the mobile screen
  9. You must see your current Easter Day and Week Activity at the top with an updated view of today’s activity
  10. You can scroll past weeks of Fitness Activity and tapping on a single day will display the next ‘Fitness Activity‘ details for that date.
  11. On a particular day, you’ll see your analytics data like movements, steps, distance and steps climbed.
  12. Under the fitness app summary page, you can also see activity trends and awards you’ve earned based on your daily goals.
  13. You can see your average calories burned, distance traveled and average speed while you are running or walking.
  14. Once you enter the awards tab, you will see all the awards available for your daily activities and achievements.

How to Track ‘My Fitness Activity’ Via Android

  1. Before you know Fitness Activity you need to know Google Fit on your smartphone first.
  2. Open the Google Fit app on your Android mobile phone.
  3. It is a pre-installed app on your latest Android mobile phone.
  4. Allow “All Permissions” or activate “Steps Tracking” and then tap “Sign in with Google”.
  5. A “Select Account” window will be displayed.
  6. Click the email address of your choice.
  7. Check the box next to Google Fit and then select “Disconnect sync with Google Fit?” Tap “Yes” when prompted. Performances.
  8. To enable push notifications for your daily and weekly activity goals, tap Accept notifications.
  9. Click Next in the pop-up box.
  10. You can set your daily activity goals.
  11. Click to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  12. To confirm your selection, click on the ‘Set Goals’ button.
  13. You can click the color rings on the home page.
  14. Then it will show you ‘my activity’ by day, week and month.