Tata Capital Home Loan 2024 Interest Rate, Eligibility, Processing Fee, Document

Tata Capital Home Loan 2023 Interest Rate,

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Tata Capital Limited Company is based in Mumbai and has more than 100 branches across the country, Tata Capital is a financial and investment service provider in India, registered as a non-banking financial institution with the country’s central bank – the Reserve Bank of India

Tata Capital has a number of subsidiary companies, Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited (“TCHFL”) offering home loans, budget friendly housing finance loans, property loan and loans to builders for construction of residential areas.

Tata Capital Home Loan, टाटा कैपिटल होम लोन,

Tata Capital offers different types of Home Loans to suit your needs, Tata Capital offers home loan through three categories namely Home Loan, Home Extension Loan, Affordable Housing Loan, Home loan used for buying a new house, Loan used for the construction of house, Loan used for the improvement of existing house. These include home improvement loan.

There is a high demand for home loans in the current country, people are taking more for home loans rather than paying in full cash as there are many incentives, for more information on Tata Capital Home Loan you can find detailed information below.

Tata Capital Home Loan Eligibility, एचडीएफसी होम लोन पात्रता,

Tata Capital offers home loans to eligible customers at reasonable interest rates and extended loan terms for a home loan, Tata Capital offers affordable home loans with competitive interest rates starting at seven percent per annum.

Tata Capital Home Loan Tenure With extended loan terms of up to 30 years, you can purchase or construct a home with a maximum of Rs. 5 crore loan, the current interest rates, eligibility requirements and documentation required before applying for a house loan are given below.

 EligibilityResident of Indian / Non Resident Indian (NRI) / Person of Indian Origin (PIO)
ProfileSalaried or Self Employed
Age LimitMinimum age 24 years and Maximum age 65 years
CIBIL ScoreCIBIL Score 750 and above
Monthly Incomefor salaried Rs 30,000
Work Experiencefor Salaried Minimum 2 years Experience
for Self-employed 3 years Experience

Document Required for Tata Capital Home Loan

A home loan for buying a home is not a short-term loan for your immediate needs, your own home is your own place of greatest comfort and peace of mind, Tata Capital offers a wide range of home loans to suit your needs.

With Tata Capital you can avail home loan up to 5 crores, and apply home loan with minimum documentation and simple eligibility criteria, our list of home loan documents includes only some basic documents like photo identity proof, age proof, address proof, income proof and property documents.

When you apply for a home loan to buy a housing property, it is mandatory for you to submit the required housing loan documents, you can submit the required documents for the housing loan online or offline at your convenience, Tata Capital will ask for these documents to check your home loan eligibility and ensure that you are a genuine borrower. .

The exact documents required for a home loan may depend on the profile of the applicant, the documents required for a home loan for a salaried person, the documents required for a home loan for a self-employed person may be different, if you fail to submit the required documents for a housing loan, the lender may not be able to confirm your authenticity, so it may be your Home loan application can be rejected,

It is very important to know and submit all the documents while applying for home loan as a precaution, after you submit the required documents for home loan, your Tata Capital will start your verification process, after successful verification of your documents, it will sanction you your home loan amount, you Documents required for housing loan can be submitted in any of the following ways.

  • Identity Proof – Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License.
  • Age Proof – PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving License.
  • Address Proof – Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID, Driving License Banking Information.
  • For Salaried Person Proof of Income – A copy of your Passport, Driving License, Life Insurance Policy, Birth Certificate, PAN Card, or School Leaving Certificate.
  • For Self-Employed Person Proof of Income – A copy of the last three years’ Profit & Loss (P/L) Projection Statement, Operative current account statement for the last six months, Bank statements for the last six months of CC/OD facilities (if taken).
  • Business Proof – A copy of the last two years’ Income Tax Returns, your Business Profile on a letterhead, or your Business Registration Certificate for business commencement.

Tata Capital Home Loan Processing Fee, एचडीएफसी होम लोन प्रोसेसिंग शुल्क,

When you apply for a Tata Capital home loan, the lending company charges a certain amount for the services they provide you, this amount is called the Tata Capital Home Loan Processing Fee.

Tata Capital Home Loan Processing Charges is one percent of the total home loan amount you are applying for, if the application is rejected the amount will not be refunded to you.

Applicants should remember that the Tata Capital Housing Loan Processing Fee is not the only amount you have to pay, there are other charges too, so it is good for everyone to know the Tata Capital Home Loan Processing Fee details beforehand so that you understand the costs involved before applying for a home loan.

Processing Fee0.5% of the loan amount onwards + GST
Penal Interest RateExtra 2% on applicable rate for the duration of delay
Prepayment / Foreclosure ChargesNIL for own-source payments
2% for non-individuals and balance transfer on fixed-rate
Max Tenure30 Years

CIBIL Score for Tata Capital Home Loan, एचडीएफसी होम लोन सिबिल स्कोर,

Are you aspiring to become a home owner, have you planned everything to the shape and color of the walls of your own home, are you now going for a home loan for your home, but you may need a good CIBIL score, many lenders consider CIBIL score the most important factor in your home loan application. Considered as one of the elements.

CIBIL score is a metric of measurement used by many lenders to determine your repayment capabilities, most lenders consider a CIBIL score of 650 as the minimum requirement for a home loan, CIBIL score is a three digit number and ranges between 300 to 900, your payment history, credit to reach the final CIBIL score Handles trends and evaluates existing banking.

CIBIL score required for home loan should be 750 and above, if your score is between 650 to 750 you are still eligible for home loan, click here Tata Capital Home Loan CIBIL Score Check.

Tata Capital Home Loan EMI Calculator, एचडीएफसी होम लोन ईएमआई कैलकुलेटर,

Click here when you want to take a home loan Take an informed decision with Tata Capital’s home loan EMI calculator The EMIs you pay for your home loan depend on several factors, including the loan amount, tenure and home loan interest rate, which is the home loan amount and the home loan It helps you to know the important details like interest rates, home loan tenure and many more.

Tata Capital Home Loan EMI Calculator is a simple and effective tool that helps you to evaluate the amount of EMI you have to pay every month to repay your home loan, , you just need to enter your home loan principal amount, tenure and interest rate and your house loan EMI will be displayed instantly.

Tata Capital Home Loan Interest Rate, एचडीएफसी होम लोन की ब्याज दरें,

When you get a home loan to buy or build your home, the housing loan interest rate is charged on the loan amount, click here to know more about Interest rate on a Home Loan, Tata Capital offers one of the most competitive home loan interest rates in India, plus, when you apply for a home loan with Tata Capital, you don’t have to worry about home loan hidden charges.

Based on home loan eligibility, income, credit score and some other parameters, it determines the best home loan interest rates for your needs, Interest rate on Tata Capital home loan is usually expressed as a percentage and is charged on the principal home loan amount for the entire home loan tenure, Tata Capital home loan interest rate starts from just 8.70% per annum.

Regular Home Loan Rates

Salaried8.70% p.a. onwards
Self-Employed8.70% p.a. onwards

Other Home Loan Rates

Loan TypesInterest Rate (p.a.)
Home Extension Loan9.20% p.a. onwards
Affordable Housing Loan10.10% onwards

NoteTata Capital Home Loan Interest Rate varies according to the bank’s discretion, the information given here is only the current interest rates given by Tata Capital, when you want to take a home loan from Tata Capital, you should visit the https://www.tatacapital.com/home-loan/rates-and-charges.html official website of Tata Capital and confirm.