Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2024 Download

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Maharashtra is a state in the western peninsular region of India occupying a significant portion of the Deccan Plateau, the capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai, the most populous urban area in India and Nagpur serves as the winter capital, Maharashtra is the second most populous state in India and the third most populous country subdivision in the world.

Mumbai is the financial and commercial capital of India, Maharashtra is one of the most industrially developed states in India, Maharashtra is one of the fastest developing states in India, the efforts of government employees are behind the development of Maharashtra, due to the efforts of Maharashtra government employees, many government services are provided to the people of the state.

Government of Maharashtra provides various online services for its employees, earlier Maharashtra employees had to go to DDO office to get salary pay slip but now government has introduced new online system to get Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip for employee.

Now it is very easy for Maharashtra government employees to download Sevarth Mahakosh Employee Salary Slip online, how to register and how to login in web portal for government employees for their online services.

Sevarth Mahakosh

Sevarth Mahakosh Application is a web based application developed to automate activities undertaken by the field offices of various departments of Maharashtra Government, Maharashtra State Government works with Sevarth Mahakosh digital website portal to meet the needs of its employees.

Government of Maharashtra has created an official portal with salary wise details of employees of all departments, Sevarth Mahakosh This module is mainly used for preparation of salary bills and monthly pension bills of state government employees, disbursement of government sanctioned loans and advances to all state government employees through this application from their payroll application as per current rules and regulations. are recovered.

This is an employee self-service portal where employees can access pay information and download their Maharashtra Employee Pay Slip and other employment related information.

Government of Maharashtra has launched Sevaarth Online HRMS website to serve its government employees called web portal which aims to streamline financial transactions and service requests of state government employees.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Maharashtra is A comprehensive online system to capture the service details of an employee from the first day o f service to the end of service, HRMS portal has many options for employees to access their personal details, payslips and more.

For maintaining Sevarth Mahakosh digital website employees login using your credentials as DDO/TO/Inward Clerk/Pension Clerk/Auditor/ATO/Treasury Admin/MDC/AG or as employee / pensioner for required operational activity from the login window.

Maharashtra Employee Payslip
Maharashtra Employee Payslip
Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2024Maharashtra Employee Salary Slip 2024
Name of the StateMaharashtra
CategoryMahakosh Payment Slip / Salary Slip
EligibleMaharashtra State Govt Employees
ProviderHRMS Maharashtra
DepartmentFinance and Accounts Department of Maharashtra
Sevarth Mahakosh Website
Mahakosh Payment Slip Web Link

Sevarth Mahakosh Portal Employee Regester

Every employee is given a Sevarth Mahakosh salary slip at the end of the month, how much salary has been received, how much money has been deducted for savings and how much tax has been paid, if any loan details are detailed in the payslip on the web portal.

Sevarth Mahakosh Employee Payslip must be downloaded i.e. Sevarth Mahakosh Payroll Registration must be done, only then you will get many services by Maharashtra Employee Self Service.

If you are a Maharashtra Government employee then you must register at portal, to do Sevarth Mahakosh Payroll Registration you contact your DDO office with your personal past and employment related documents and through the respective desk for information ask. Login

  1. First visit Maharashtra Finance Department official website
  2. Click on Sevarth option from left side applications menu.
  3. You can ask to allow pop up and new page.
  4. A pop up will open.
  5. You can login directly using URL
  6. Enter your username as Username and enter default password ifms123 and click on login.
  7. After verifying your credentials, you can allow access to Maharashtra Employee Pay Slip Page Saverth Login to check your details.

Sevarth Mahakosh Portal Reset Password

  1. You can directly login to Sevarth Mahakosh using URL
  2. Enter your username as Username and enter default password ifms123 and click on login.
  3. Now after clicking on login button you will be taken to password reset page.
  4. Enter your new password in both columns and click on the save button shown at the end.
  5. You will be redirected to the login page again to enter a new password.
  6. Sevarth Mahakosh Login with username as Username and new password.
  7. After verifying your credentials, the Maharashtra Employee Payment Slip page may allow access to sevaarth login.

How to Download Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2024

  • Go to official Sevarth Mahakosh website page
  • Enter username, password in the required fields on the homepage.
  • And enter captcha code and click on submit button.
  • The Employee Reports web page appears in the Home Page menu.
  • Go to employee corner and click on ‘View Pay Slip‘.
  • Select the month and year for which you want to download the pay slip.
  • Click on the ‘View Pay Slip‘ button to view the pay slip.
  • Click to Download Sevarth Mahakosh Pay Slip and Download.