SEBA 8th Class Books 2024, Assam 8th Class Textbooks 2024 Pdf Download

SEBA 8th Class Books 2024, Assam 8th Class Textbooks 2024, Assam 8th Class Book 2024, Assam 8 cvhth Class Textbook 2024 Pdf Download

Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) Going to Start 8th Class Education Academic Year 2024 Very Soon, SEBA is the main Authority which is Responsible for Prescribing the Assam 8th Class Textbook 2024 to Provide Assurance for the quality of Education Conveyed in All affiliated Schools in the State of Assam, SEBA has Designed the 8th Class Curriculum by Giving Preference to children’s learning, Students of SEBA 8th Class will starts taking interest in their Studies.

SEBA 8th Class Books 2024

Assam State Textbook Production And Publication Corporation (ASTPPC) Every Year Published Latest Edition For SEBA 8th Class Books Pdf Format, Students, Are you looking for the Assam 8th Textbook for Maths, Science, English, And Social Studies (History, Geography) in PDF that you can Download, While Preparing for Exam Students should refer to their Respective Subject wise Textbook.

SEBA 8th Class Books 2024
SEBA 8th Class Books 2024

SCERT Assam 8th Class Textbooks Plays an important role while Preparing for Exam, Students Should be Thorough with their Respective Subject based Assam 8th Class books 2024 so that they can attempt the final Exam Paper with full Confidence, We have Provided the Assam 8th Class Book for the Students to plan their Studies Appropriately,

Students can refer to the SCERT Assam 8th Class Textbooks 2024 to get a General idea about the topics under each subject that were taught in class for the academic year, Students Regular Reading from the Assam 8th Class Textbooks 2024 for Maths, Social Science, Science, English and Telugu will give you a basic Understanding of All the important topics of the All Subjects.

Assam 8th Class Textbooks 2024 Pdf Download

01AssameseLanguage (L1)Class VIIIAnkuran (Ashtam Bhag) (R)
02AssameseMathematicsClass VIIIGanit  (C) (Keywords in English)
03AssameseScienceClass VIIIBigyan (C) (Keywords in English)
04AssameseSocial ScienceClass VIIIBhugol Aru Arthonaitik Bigyan  (N)
05AssameseSocial ScienceClass VIIIItihas Aru Rajniti Bigyan  (N)
06EnglishSocial ScienceClass VIIIGeography and Economics  (N)
07EnglishSocial ScienceClass VIIIHistory and Political Science (N)
08BengaliLanguage (L1)Class VIIIAnkuran (Ashtam Bhag)  (R)
09BengaliMathematicsClass VIIIGanit (C) (Keywords in English)
10BengaliScienceClass VIIIBigyan (C) (Keywords in English)
11BengaliSocial ScienceClass VIIIBhugol O Arthaniti Vigyan
12BengaliSocial ScienceClass VIIIItihash O Rajniti Vigyan
13BodoLanguage (L1)Class VIIIBithorai (Dainthi Bahagw)  (R)
14BodoMathematicsClass VIIISankhanthi (C) (Keywords in English)
15BodoScienceClass VIIIBigiyan (C) (Keywords in English)
16BodoSocial ScienceClass VIIIBhumkhowrang Auro Rangkhanthi Vigiyan
17BodoSocial ScienceClass VIIIJarimin Auro Rangkhanthi Vigiyan
18ManipuriMathematicsClass VIIIChaisinglon  (C) (Keywords in English)
19ManipuriScienceClass VIIIBigyan (C) (Keywords in English)
20ManipuriSocial ScienceClass VIIILoikoiron Omsung Shenmitlon Vigyan
21ManipuriSocial ScienceClass VIIIPuwari Omsung Rajniti Vigyan
22GaroLanguage (L1)Class VIIIRitimgital (Bak-VIII) (R)
23GaroMathematicsClass VIIIChanani (C) (Keywords in English)
24GaroScienceClass VIIIScience (C) (Keywords in English)
25GaroSocial ScienceClass VIIIGeography and Economics
26GaroSocial ScienceClass VIIIHistory and Political Science
27EnglishMathematicsClass VIIIMathematics  (R)
28EnglishEnglish (L1)Class VIIISunbeam English Reader-III (R)

Assam 8th Class Textbooks 2024 Pdf Download