SBI Home Loan 2024 Interest Rates, Eligibility, Processing Fee, EMI Calculator, Document, CIBIL Score

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State Bank of India (SBI) is an Indian multinational public sector bank and financial services statutory body, State Bank has a strong presence in the domestic market of India, State Bank home loan is an ideal choice for everyone, State Bank offers lowest home loan interest rate, SBI home loan is the first thing every home loan borrower wants.

If you are a customer of SBI Bank, you have the opportunity to benefit from the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana or CLSS scheme when applying for a home loan. Depending on the amount of financing and the repayment period, you can choose a scheme that matches your home loan requirements perfectly, SBI Home Loan 2024 Read this article to know the Eligibility criteria details of the loan to understand and apply at the time of need, we have tried to give you all the details regarding State Bank of India Home Loan.

SBI Home Loan

SBI Home Loan is the largest mortgage provider in the country in helping people achieve their dream of owning a home, according to a survey conducted in India, State Bank Home Loan was adjudged the “Most Preferred Home Loan Provider” along with “Most Preferred Bank” at the AWAAZ Consumer Awards.

SBI offers home loan interest rates to home loan applicants based on their credit score and type of loan, the bank does not specify interest rate differential based on loan amount, LTV ratio, job profile, owner profile, monthly income etc. Applicants should consider the following factors when considering taking a home loan.

  • Applicants with new credit or no CIBIL score can also avail SBI Home Loan at higher interest rates.
  • SBI offers the lowest home loan interest rates to applicants with CIBIL scores of 800 and above.

SBI Home Loan Eligibility

State Bank of India home loan eligibility depends on some general criteria, Home loan is available to both salaried and self-employed, Other factors considered to assess SBI Home Loan Eligibil Criteria include age and nationality of home loan applicants.

Getting SBI home loan approval depends on the applicant’s credit scores, income, financial obligations and also the location of the home you are buying, To be eligible for SBI home loan for non-salaried individuals their business should have income tax return documents for at least 3 years with net profit earned in the last two years.

NationalityIndian Residents/NRIs/PIOs
Employment TypeSalaried/Self Employed
Minimum Age18 years
Maximum Age75 years


CIBIL or credit score is a person’s credit history, banks take special care in checking CIBIL Score of an applicant for SBI Home Loan, CIBIL Score affects your eligibility for SBI home loan approval, A single missed payment by a lender lowers your CIBIL score and lowers your creditworthiness, banks may refuse to lend to you.

If you have a good CIBILTM score Check Here the eligibility criteria will be easier and your loan application will be approved easily, There are other factors that affect your eligibility for SBI Home Loan and the lender considers all factors before taking a decision.

SBI Regular Home Loan

CIBIL ScoreInterest Rate (p.a.)
NTC/No CIBIL/-18.80%

Card Rates (Term Loan)

CIBIL ScoreInterest Rate (p.a.)
NTC/No CIBIL/-19.35%

Max Gain

IBIL ScoreInterest Rates
>=7509.55% p.a.
700-7499.75% p.a.
650-6999.85% p.a.
550-64910.05% p.a.
NTC/No CIBIL Score/-19.75% p.a.

SBI Top-up Home Loan

CIBIL ScoreInterest Rate (p.a.)
NTC/No CIBIL/-19.75%

Documents required for SBI Home Loan

Required Documents Applicable to All Applicants

  • Identity Card for Employer.
  • Photographs 3 Passport size .
  • Proof of Identify – Voters ID Card / Passport / Driving license / PAN Card.
  • Proof of Residence – Recent Telephone or Water Bills / Electricity Bill / House Tax Receipt / Passport / Voters ID card.
  • Proof of Business Address for Non-Salaried Individuals.
  • Requesting a copy of your bank account statement or passbook for the last six months.
  • Identifying the signature of current bankers.
  • Statement of Personal Assets and Liabilities.

Additional Documents Required for Salaried Persons

  • Please provide a salary certificate from your employer.
  • Please provide either a TDS certificate in Form 16 or a copy of your IT Returns for the past two financial years, which have been duly acknowledged by the IT Department.
  • Professionals and self-employed individuals need to provide additional documents.

Required Documents For Employed / other IT Assesses

  • Please provide me with copies of your IT returns and assessment orders for the last three years. Thank you.
  • Copies of the challans that provide proof of payment for Advance Income Tax..

Required Documents For Guarantor (Wherever Applicable)

  • Statement of Personal Assets and Liabilities
  • Please provide two passport-sized photographs.
  • Proof of Identify – Voters ID Card / Passport / Driving license / PAN Card.
  • Proof of Residence – Recent Telephone or Water Bills / Electricity Bill / House Tax Receipt / Passport / Voters ID card.
  • Please provide proof of your business address, which should match the information provided above.
  • Please provide documentation of the signature identification from your current bank.

SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator

If you are looking to purchase or build a property, home loans can be a great financing option. SBI Home Loan is available to entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and salaried workers. Unsure about monthly payments? Consider using the SBI Home Loan Calculator for help.

By using a home loan EMI calculator you can plan ahead for the repayment process, Once you become familiar with the interest and EMI amounts, the calculator will provide an estimated total amount payable for your home loan.

Our service assists you in determining the best tenure and EMI for your SBI Home Loan, taking into account your EMI affordability and financial objectives. This information allows borrowers to make informed decisions about their monthly payments and choose the most suitable tenure and EMI for their SBI housing loan.

SBI Home Loan Processing Fee

The State Bank of India (SBI) which is the largest public sector lender in India, provides a range of home loan options to meet your specific requirements, With SBI Home Loan there is a one-time processing fee charged, which is typically 0.35% of the loan amount, along with any relevant taxes. Additional charges or discounts may also be included.

SBI Home Loan Processing Fee Minimum Rs. 2000 or- and a maximum of Rs. 10000 or- plus any other expenses like service tax, obtaining TIRorvaluation report, CERSAI or registration etc. will be charged separately to the NRI loan applicant.

Many Indians living in the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore find State Bank of India’s home loan for NRIs and PIOs to be very popular, This credit option has consistently provided value to customers over time.

SBI Home Loan SchemesBest Suited ForProcessing Fee
SBI Regular Home LoanSuited to every customer who wants to purchase or construct a dwelling place0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI Privilege Home LoanThis offer is only available for employees of the Central or State Government.Full Waiver
SBI Shaurya Home LoanThis product is only available to members of the nation’s Defense and Army personnel.Full Waiver
SBI Balance Transfer of Home LoanHome Loan Transfer is a suitable option for customers who wish to transfer their existing home loans from private and foreign banks, scheduled commercial banks, and registered housing finance companies with the National Housing Bank.0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI NRI Home LoanIt is ideal for NRIs who wants to purchase or construct a house in India0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI CRE Home LoanCurated for individuals with already 2 or more residential properties0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI Flexipay Home LoanIt allows salaried borrowers to avail of a higher loan amount0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI Smart Home Top Up LoanIt is a general-purpose loan available to all for meeting urgent needsRs. 2000 plus applicable GST
SBI pre-approved LoanIf you want to negotiate better with your builder or seller, then this is the ideal optionIt allows you to avail of the loan before finalizing your property0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI Realty Home LoanIt is ideal for the construction of homes 0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI Home Top Up LoanIt allows you to borrow over and above your original home loan amount0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI YONO Insta Home Top UpIt is available only for pre-selected home loan clientsRs. 2000 plus applicable GST
SBI Corporate Home LoanIt is available to both Pvt. Ltd. and Public corporate entities 0.50% plus applicable GST (Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 10 lakh)
SBI Tribal PlusIt is available for purchase or construction of homes in hilly or tribal areas0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI Loan Against PropertyIt is available for personal purposes only 1% plus service tax
SBI home loan to non-salaried differentialCurated only for non-salaried differentials0.35% plus Service Tax (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 10,000)
SBI Reverse Mortgage LoanFor senior citizens who own or occupy a property0.50% (Minimum Rs. 2000, Maximum Rs. 20000)
SBI Earnest Money DepositIt is available for people who want to pay only the booking amount via home loans 0.50% (Minimum Rs. 1000)

SBI Home Loan Interest Rate

The interest rates for SBI Housing Loans begin at 8.50% p.a. SBI determines the home loan interest rates based on the type of loan and the credit score of the applicant. The lowest home loan interest rates are offered to applicants with CIBIL scores of 800 or higher.

Even individuals who are new to credit or do not have a CIBIL score can still apply for SBI Home Loans, albeit at higher interest rates. While the bank has not explicitly stated that interest rates vary based on factors such as loan amount, LTV ratio, job profile, employer’s profile, or monthly income, lenders may take these into account when determining interest rates for home loan applicants.

SBI Home Loan SchemesInterest Rate For WomenInterest Rate for Others
SBI Home Loan6.90% – 7.95%7.00% – 8.00%
SBI Reach Loan8.75% – 14.00%8.75% – 14.00%
Plot Loan7.05% – 8.05%7.10% – 8.10%
Rural Housing Loan6.90% – 8.70%7.00% – 8.70%
Home Improvement Loan6.90% – 7.95%7.00% – 8.00%
Home Extension Loan6.90% – 7.95%7.00% – 8.00%
Home Loan Top UpAs per home loan slabsAs per home loan slabs
Home Loan Balance Transfer6.90% onwards6.90% onwards

SBI Home Loan Interest

ProductInterest Rate
SBI Home Loan Floating8.55 % to 9.05 %
SBI Flexipay Home Loan8.55 % to 9.05 %
SBI Realty9.15 % to 9.45 %
SBI Pal8.55 % to 9.05 %
SBI Tribal Plus8.55 % to 9.05 %
SBI Gram Niwas8.55 % to 9.05 s%
SBI Sahyog Niwas8.55 % to 9.05 %
SBI Balance Transfer Home Loan8.55 % to 9.05 %
SBI Bridge Loan10.90 % to 11.90 %
SBI NRI Home Loan8.55 %  to 9.05 %
SBI Privilege Home Loan8.55 % to 9.05 %
SBI Shaurya Home Loan8.55 % to 9.15 %
SBI Home Loan for Self Employed8.55 % to 9.15 %
SBI Top Up Loan8.90 % to 11.45 %
SBI Reverse Mortgage Home Loan8.55 % to 9.05 %
SBI Repo Rate Linked Home Loan8.40 % to 8.80 %

NOTE – Please note that SBI Home Loan rates are subject to the bank’s discretion, The information provided here represents the current interest rates offered by the bank, If you are interested in applying for a home loan, we recommend visiting the official SBI website to confirm the latest rates..