SBI Debit Card Reward Points

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If you have an SBI Debit Card, you must have earned some reward points which you didn’t know about, If you have an SBI account and a debit card, you must know the reward points you have earned on your debit card, State Bank also offers reward points on Debit Card, There is an expiry date for SBI Debit Card Reward Points.

You can use your debit card online and offline to earn reward points, You can redeem these reward points to get products you want to pay bills, recharge etc, Let’s see how to check SBI Debit Card Reward Points using mobile phone, Let’s also know how to redeem these reward points to get gift voucher and recharge

How to Check SBI Debit Card Reward Points using Yono Mobile App

  1. Install and open the Yono SBI app.
  2. Log in with a six-digit PIN or use your internet banking username and password to register in the app.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the main page and select the “SBI Rewards” option.
  4. The rewards points earned on your debit card are visible.
  5. Scroll down on the same page to see the Rewards overview and transaction history.

How to Check SBI Debit Card Reward Points using SBI Website

  1. Viisit the SBI Yono Official Website
  2. Enter your SBi Internet Banking username and password to gain access.
  3. Scroll down from the home page to see your rewards points in the My Rewards area.
  4. To view a summary of your debit card points and transaction history, click the Rewards summary option.
  5. To redeem your reward points, click the Redeem button.


  1. How can I redeem my SBI debit card points?

    Redemption against a Gift Voucher is possible via or the SBI card mobile app. Click here to explore the rewards catalog and redeem your points. Redemption against cash is possible by writing to us at or phoning our helpline.

  2. How much is 1 point worth in SBI debit card?

    A Reward Point is worth INR 25 Paise. As a result, 1000 Reward Points entitle you to free shopping worth Rs.

  3. How do I check my card points?

    When you check your monthly statement, you may keep track of your credit card points. It contains information on all of your expenses and reward points. Every month, you must keep track of the credit card reward points you earn.