PRI Paymanager Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download

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Pri Paymanager Rajasthan portal provides information on all employees working for the Rajasthan Government. On the Paymanager Rajasthan platform, government employees can view their whole pay slip, Pri Paymanager Rajasthan Salary Slip can be obtained from this page as well.

The Rajasthan National Informatics Center (NIC) created the portal for the Rajasthan government. Pay Manager allows you to conveniently view employee information such as pay, deductions, income tax, pension, and leave details for employees operating in various districts of Rajasthan, It is overseen by the Finance Department of the Government of Rajasthan.

Aside from that, the Rajasthan Government’s Paymanager webpage provides information on employee salaries and allowances. There is also the opportunity to apply here. What are its additional advantages? In this case.


PayManager is a portal developed by the Rajasthan National Informatics Center (NIC) for the Government of Rajasthan, which is overseen by the Finance Department of the Government of Rajasthan, with the help of Pay Manager one can easily view employee information including salary, deductions, income tax, pension and leave details for employees working in different regions of Rajasthan.

Paymanager PRI

Paymanager PRI is a pay bill preparation system developed for Rajasthan Government Panchayat Raj employees, It provides a common and integrated platform for preparing pay bills of Rajasthan Panchayat Department employees, Paymanager PRI Rajasthan Employee Payslip software not only provides facilities for preparation of pay bill but also facilitates preparation of DA dues, bonus, arrears. is a web portal for providing online services for Rajasthan Panchayat employees which is managed by the Department Of Treasuries and Accounts, Rajasthan, Using PRI Paymanager portal, Govt Panchayat employees across the state can view their pay slips and PDF Can be downloaded.

PRI Paymanager Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip
PRI Paymanager Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip
Name of the StateRajasthan
CategoryPayslip /Salary Slip
Eligible Rajasthan Govt Employee
ProviderDepartment Of Treasuries and Account, Rajasthan
Official Website

Below is the process of registration of Govt Panchayat employees in PRI Paymanager portal, easily view and download your pension, tax deduction, daily allowance and applications in just few minutes through PayManager Pri Rajasthan portal.

Pri Paymanager Features

  • Employee pay slip Download.
  • Preparation of invoice
  • Bonus information.
  • Updating your bank account
  • Employee Personal details information
  • Information on exchange vouchers
  • Request for transfer of employee
  • Income Tax Information
  • GA 55 Detailed information about the employee

PRI PayManager Portal Registration

  • First, go to, the official PRI PayManager website.
  • From the menu on the home page, select the Tab Bank Registration option under PayManager Login.
  • Enter your personnel information in the same way that your DDO officer has received employment records.
  • Click the bank option and enter the bank code if you work for a company.
  • Select your username and make sure it’s unique by checking the box.
  • Put in your mobile number, email address, and address.
  • After creating a secure password and entering it again for verification, select Verify Contact.
  • When the information is verified by the system to match the details in the DDO office, a success message will be sent to finish the details.

PRI PayManager Login

  • To begin, go to the PRI PayManager DDO official website at
  • Select DDO or Employee from the PayManager login menu on the home page.
  • Login with your username and password.
  • Enter the Captcha code as it appears in the box.
  • Choose the employee option to display employee information on the screen. Choose Employee / DDO / Sub DDO / Digital / HOD based on your function.
  • Continue using the services you want from the Portal.

How to Download Pri Paymanager Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip 2024 PDF

  • Visit the official PayManager website by typing into your browser.
  • The login page will display on the Paymanager Rajasthan website’s home page.
  • Choose the DDO/Employee login URL from the Login option.
  • Enter your employee account’s username and password.
  • On this login page, enter the captcha code, select the employee option, and click the login button.
  • Choose Employee Corner and then the Pay Slip option.
  • The drop down menu will display employee information, pay slips, monthly pay slips, income tax information, and bank account information updates.
  • When you click on the Pay Slip, the Generate Pay Slip web interface appears.
  • Now, select the month and year from the drop-down menus and press the submit button.
  • The PRI PayManager Rajasthan Employee Payslip 2024 PDF will be downloaded to your computer.