CFMS AP Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download

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AP Employee Salary Slip or Employee Pay Slip is an Andhra Pradesh Government Organization type job specific document containing a detailed list of various components of salary, Salary slip is available for Andhra Pradesh government employees who get salary every month and it is your responsibility to provide you a copy of your pay slip every month.

Employee Pay Slip It is issued every month by Andhra Pradesh Government in the form of printed hard copy or electronic copy, AP Employee Salary Slip 2024 is available for employees to download from the official website of Comprehensive Finance Management System (CFMS), and, How to Download AP Employee Pay Slip 2024 Read Below Written in Detail.


HERB is an Android app developed by APCFSS designed for easy access to data of Andhra Pradesh State Government employees. HERB is a convenient and efficient tool for all AP State Government employees to access their information on the go, In this HERB.APCFSS app, one can check every government employee profile and pay slip, employee loan details, and services available to employees.

Andhra Pradesh Government generates and uploads AP Employees Salary Slips every month on HERB.APCFSS, employees can download the latest HERB.APCFSS AP Employee Pay Slip 2024 with details by logging on HERB.APCFSS.


Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) is an enterprise level application designed, developed and implemented by Andhra Pradesh Center for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS) on behalf of the Department of Finance, In an effort to establish state-of-the-art IT applications for effective public finance management, the government has decided to set up a Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS).

Public Services and Finance Department, Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) –APCFSS – Verification of Human Resource Data by Secretariat Departments and HODs, orders issued, The important function of CFMS – APCFSS is to process the bills of various government departments and related payments like employee salaries and identify the various departmental structures, individual office structures across the state.

AP Employee Pay Slip
AP Employee Pay Slip
AP Employee Pay Slip 2024AP Treasury Employee Salary Slip 2024
AuthorityAndhra Pradesh Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS)
EligibilityAndhra Pradesh State Government Employees
AP CFMS Web Portal
AP HERB Payroll login

Payroll HERB

Payroll HERB is an innovative payroll management system specially designed to meet the needs of government organizations operating in Andhra Pradesh, Payroll HERB is a website launched by Andhra Pradesh Center for Financial System and Services to provide better services to Andhra Pradesh government employees and pensioners.

Payroll HERB provides an employee self-service portal, allowing AP employees to conveniently access their pay slips and other relevant financial information, Payroll HERB provides accurate calculations and error-free employee monthly payments, automating the process, and reducing the risk of manual errors and discrepancies.

Payroll HERB AP Employee Salary Slip will be printed by the finance department and messaged to you, you can also check the salary slip on your employee internal portal pay slip and download it which contains your salary and deductions details.

Andhra Pradesh Center for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS) has been established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP), APCFSS has developed and maintains a comprehensive financial management system (CFMS) for the management of various aspects of Andhra Pradesh state public finance.

Along with CFMS, APFINANCE – APCFSS designs to develop mission-critical e/m governance solutions (web & mobile) for various schemes and programs of the Govt, APCFSS provides governance consulting and project management services to various departments and agencies of GoAP.


  • The employee should first visit the HERB portal.
  • HERB Official Website and
  • Log in using CFMS credentials.
  • If you can’t remember the password, click Forgot Password and follow the steps to generate a new password.
  • A new password will be sent to the mobile number registered with CFMS.
  • Now log in using new password credentials.

Download AP Employee Salary Slip at

  • We can download our Pay Sleep by ourselves through Payroll.herb using CFMS ID and password.
  • Step By Step process for downloading AP Employee Pay Sleep has been explained.
  • In the past, there was individual login in cfms, now individual login is given in payroll as well.
  • First open site.
  • Login using CFMS ID credentials.
  • From the employee dashboard, the employee should select HR & Payroll.
  • The Pay Slip Download web application will open.
  • Select the employee on this web page.
  • Enter the CFMS ID or Aadhaar number in the required fields and click on the Get OTP button.
  • An OTP will be sent to the employee’s registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP, then another web page will appear.
  • Now select your desired pay slip year and month from the dropdown and click on submit and our details will appear.
  • If you click on the pen symbol next to it, the pay slip will be downloaded in PDF.

How to Download AP Employee Salary Slip through HERB APCFSS App

  • HERB APCFSS App is a user-friendly app designed for all AP state government employees.
  • Employee information can be accessed through employee data and services created in the HERB APCFSS App.
  • Currently, services provided are Salary Slip, APGLI, and Employee Services. The employee can view the payslip and they can download the payslip.
  • After installing the HERB APCFSS App on your smartphone, open the app and login with your User ID (CFMS ID) and Password.
  • Here is the HERB APCFSS App Download link.
  • Receive OTP on your registered mobile number and enter to continue login.
  • Tap on the Play Slip icon on the home page, then the Play Slip page will open.
  • Now select the year and month from the list and tap on the green get button.
  • Now you can check your personal details, earnings details, deduction details, net salary details and download in PDF format.