NCERT 12th Class Blueprint 2024 PDF

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an Autonomous body is Going to Conduct the Annual Examination Form 12th Class in Arts, Science, Commerce Stream, Students who is Preparing for the Sr Secondary Exam can Download NCERT Blueprint 2024 for 12th Class, NCERT Every Year Conducting the Annual Session Exams in Month of February to March,

NCERT Class XII Final Exam Appeared Every Year More Then Lakh of Students, This Laks of Students Successfully Completed 12th Class Final Exam Registration 2024, So Almost All the Students are busy in their 12th Class Exam Start Preparation, All NCERT 12th Class Regular and Private Students can Download the Blueprints for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math etc, Subjects Pdf Format is Available below

NCERT Blueprint 2024 for 12th Class have been Upload Along with the Marking Scheme, Students are Very Important for the Final Sr Secondary Exam Preparations, NCERT 12th Class Blueprint 2024 are based on Reduced Marking Scheme & Syllabus for Major Subjects such as Maths, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi etc, , we have also Provided Pdf File Format

Students you can Download PDFs of NCERT 12th Blueprint 2024 Marking All the Questions and helps Students Understand how Marks are Awarded based on the Steps Followed for each Answer, By Going through it, Students will learn to Express their Answers in a better way in the 12th Class Final Exam to fetch more score

NCERT Blueprint 2024 for 12th Class are the best Resource for Students to Practice before the Exam 2024, Solving them Students can easily Access their Preparation Level and can Find out the Loopholes in Their Preparation,. can Improve Their Performance in the final board exams. Also, for the academic year 2024, NCERT has reduced the syllabus for 12th Class.

NCERT 12th Class Blueprint 2025 PDF

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NCERT 12th Class Marking Scheme of Blue Print 2024 All Subject PDF

Download Maths
Download Marking Scheme Maths
Question Paper Hindi Adhaar
Marking Scheme Hindi (Core)
Question Paper Hindi Aichhik
Marking Scheme Hindi (Elective)
Question Paper English Core
Marking Scheme English Core
 Question Paper English Elective 
Marking Scheme English Elective
Question Paper Physics
Marking Scheme Physics
Question Paper Chemistry
 Marking Scheme Chemistry
Question Paper Biology
 Marking Scheme Biology
Question Paper Economics 
Marking Scheme Economics
Question Paper Physical Education 
Marking Scheme Physical Education
Question Paper Accountancy
Marking Scheme Accountancy
Question Paper Business Studies 
Marking Scheme Business Studies
Question Paper Informatics Practices New 
Marking Scheme Informatics Practices New
Question Paper Geography 
Marking Scheme Geography
Question Paper History 
Marking Scheme History
Question Paper Political Science 
Marking Scheme Political Science
Question Paper Sociology 
Marking Scheme Sociology
Question Paper Computer Science New
Marking Scheme Computer Science New
Question Paper Biotechnology
Marking Scheme Biotechnology
Question Paper Arabic
Marking Scheme Arabic
Question Paper Assamese
Marking Scheme Assamese
Question Paper 2021: Bengali
Marking Scheme Bengali
Question Paper Bharatanatyam
Marking Scheme Bharatanatyam
Question Paper Bhutia
Marking Scheme Bhutia
Question Paper Bodo
Marking Scheme Bodo
Question Paper Carnatic Melodic
Marking Scheme Carnatic Melodic
Question Paper Carnatic Percussion
 Marking Scheme Carnatic Percussion
Question Paper Carnatic Vocal
 Marking Scheme Carnatic Vocal
Question Paper Commercial Art
Marking Scheme Commercial Art
Question Paper Dance Manipuri 
Marking Scheme Dance Manipuri
Question Paper Engineering Graphics
Marking Scheme Engineering Graphics
Question Paper Entrepreneurship 
Marking Scheme Entrepreneurship
Question Paper French
Marking Scheme French
Question Paper German
Marking Scheme German
Question Paper Gujarati
Marking Scheme Gujarati
Hindustani Music (Melodic)
 Marking Scheme Hindustani Music (Melodic)
Question Paper Hindustani Music (Percussion)
Marking Scheme Hindustani Music (Percussion)
Question Paper Hindustani Music (Vocal)
 Marking Scheme Hindustani Music (Vocal)
Question Paper Home Science
Marking Scheme Home Science
Question Paper Japanese
 Marking Scheme Japanese
Question Paper Kannada
Marking Scheme Kannada
Question Paper Kashmiri
 Marking Scheme Kashmiri
 Question Paper Kathak
 Marking Scheme Kathak
Question Paper Kathakali
 Marking Scheme Kathakali
Question Paper Kuchipudi
 Marking Scheme Kuchipudi
 Question Paper Legal Studies
Marking Scheme Legal Studies
Question Paper Lepcha
Marking Scheme Lepcha
Question Paper Limboo
Marking Scheme Limboo
Question Paper Malayalam
Marking Scheme Malayalam
Question Paper Marathi
Marking Scheme Marathi
Question Paper Mizo
Marking Scheme Mizo
Question Paper Manipuri
Marking Scheme Manipuri
Question Paper NCC
Marking Scheme NCC
Question Paper Nepali
Marking Scheme Nepali
Question Paper Odia
Marking Scheme Odia
Question Paper Odissi
Marking Scheme Odissi
Question Paper Painting
Marking Scheme Painting
Question Paper Graphic
Marking Scheme Graphic
Question Paper Sculpture
Marking Scheme Sculpture
Question Paper Persian
Marking Scheme Persian
Question Paper Psychology
Marking Scheme Psychology
Question Paper Punjabi
Marking Scheme Punjabi
Question Paper Russian
Marking Scheme Russian
Question Paper Sindhi
Marking Scheme Sindhi
Question Paper Spanish
Marking Scheme Spanish
Question Paper Sanskrit Core
Marking Scheme Sanskrit Core
Question Paper Sanskrit Elective
Marking Scheme Sanskrit Elective
Question Paper Tamil
Marking Scheme Tamil
Question Paper Tangkhul
Marking Scheme Tangkhul
Question Paper Telangana Telugu
Marking Scheme Telangana Telugu
Question Paper Telugu
Marking Scheme Telugu
Question Paper Tibetan
Marking Scheme Tibetan
Question Paper Urdu Core
Marking Scheme Urdu Core
Question Paper Urdu Elective
Marking Scheme Urdu Electi