Kerala Board 7th Syllabus 2024 Pdf Download

The Kerala Board of Public Examination (KBPE) is the main Education body of Kerala, which is independent and functions under the Ministry Of Secondary Education, Government Of Kerala, KBPE Conducts Public Exams in Kerala like 7th Class,

The KBPE is the Governing body that Sets the Syllabus for the Quarterly and Final Exam, Referring Through the Kerala Board 7th Syllabus 2024 are an important Resource, as it can help Students prepare effectively for the Examinations.

Kerala 7th Class Syllabus 2024 is an epitome of this endeavour and the Students Stand to gain rich knowledge that will serve them well in the years to come, Students can Refer To the Kerala Board Std 8 Syllabus 2024 while Preparing for their Final Examinations, The KBPE 7th Class Syllabus 2024 helps Students to understand the topics and subtopics thoroughly.

This syllabus based on the Kerala Board Std 7 Syllabus for Maths, Social Science and Basic Science covers all the important Concepts from These Subjects. Students Should refer to the Syllabus before they start their Academic Session 2024,

Kerala Board 7th Syllabus 2024
Kerala Board 7th Syllabus 2024

The SCERT Kerala Std 7 Syllabus 2024 Offers Students an Opportunity to Understand the topics and Chapters the Students will be Learning During the Academic year 2024. These Syllabus by KBPE are an excellent aid for Students.

Students of Kerala STD 7 are advised to have a Proper Understanding of the Syllabus before they dive into the Studies, KBPE Comprises a Panel of well experienced Senior Subject Experts, Kerala Board STD 7th Syllabus 2024 of a Particular Course Describes the Topics and concepts to be covered while preparing for the examinations for that Particular course.

Kerala Board 7th Class Syllabus 2024 Pdf Download

Mathematics Part- 1

1) Adding Angles
2) Parallel Lines
3) Unchanging Relations
4) Repeated Multiplication
5) Area of a Triangle
6) Square and Square Root
7) Speed Math

Mathematics Part- 2

8) Drawing Triangles
9) Ratio
10) Money Math
11) Numbers and Algebra
12) Squares and Right triangles
13) New Numbers
14) Pie Charts

Basic Science- 1

1) Reaping gold through soil
2) Wonders of Visible Light
3) Acids and Alkalis
4) Through the Alimentary Canal
5) When Current flows

Basic Science- 2

6) For a pollution free nature
7) Pressure in Liquids and Gases
8) Breath and Blood of Life
9) Paths of Heat Flow
10) Safety in Food too..

Social Science 1

Chapter NosChapter Names
1Europe In Transition
2From Trade to Power
3Resistance and the First War of Independence
4India Towards a New Era
5Economic Sources
6Understanding of Maps
7Earth and Biosphere

Social Science 2

8Towards A New Kerala Society
9Gandhiji and the Freedom Struggle
10Our Constitution
11Individual and Society
12Insolation and Atmospheric Condition
13A Glimpse of India