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Kuber Jharkhand Employee Pay Slip 2024, Jharkhand Employee Salary Slip 2024, Kuber IFMS Payslip 2024 PDF Download https://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in.

Jharkhand is a state in eastern India also known as The Land of Forest, the capital of the state Jharkhand is the city of Ranchi and its sub-capital is Dumka, it is the 15th largest state in India by area and the 14th largest state by population and Hindi is the official language of the state.

The role of government employees is very important behind the development of Jharkhand state, due to the efforts of Jharkhand government employees, many government services are provided to the common people, Jharkhand government makes online services available for its employees and also provides Kuber Jharkhand Payslip to employees through online.

Jharkhand government employees now download IFMS Jharkhand Employee Salary Slip is very easy, For employees how registering and log in account on IFMS Kuber Jharkhand website for their online services are written in detail below.


JKuber is an Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), the Government of Jharkhand, It is designed to bring efficiency in financial planning and expenditure control in the state of Jharkhand.

Kuber Jharkhand

Kuber is an Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) web based solution used by the Government of Jharkhand, Kuber Jharkhand has saved the state a significant amount of funds within the first year of its launch, Jharkhand has played a key role in maintaining fiscal planning and expenditure control in the state.


jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in is the official website of IFMS Jharkhand Government, Management Information System (MIS) for Treasuries, Jharkhand application acts as an advanced data hubs which contains data of all Government Treasuries of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand state finance department decision makers upload various MIS reports in the form of PDF file on this web portal, Kuber Jharkhand web portal releases funds to various departments and it is used to Download Jharkhand Employees Payslip to access their personal data and view financial data.

IFMS Jharkhand

Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) Jharkhand It belongs to the Finance Department, Government of Jharkhand, IFMS is an IT-based budgeting and accounting system that manages expenditure, payment processing, budgeting and reporting for governments and other organizations.

IFMS Jharkhand releases funds to various departments, various government departments release funds received under various treasuries to various Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDO) with a copy to the respective treasury.

Kuber Jharkhand Employee Payslip
Kuber Jharkhand Employee Payslip
IFMS Jharkhand Pay SlipKuber Jharkhand Employee Salary Slip 2024
Name of the StateJharkhand
DepartmentFinance Department of Jharkhand
ProviderIFMS Jharkhand
EligibileGovernment Employees
Login Registration for Employee Linkhttps://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in/emp/frmRegister.aspx
Kuber Salary Slip Download Linkhttps://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in/emp/

Kuber Jharkhand Portal Employee Registrar

  1. Open the Link to register for Kuber IFMS portal https://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in/emp/frmRegister.aspx.
  2. Please Choose Employee or Minority Teacher Employee Type.
  3. Enter your GPF or CPS or PRAN number associated with your account.
  4. Enter the mobile number registered in your DDO.
  5. If your mobile number is not correct, contact your DDO to update the mobile number.
  6. Click on Generate OTP button, OTP stands for One Time Password.
  7. Receive the OTP on your registered mobile number and verify once.
  8. Enter date of birth followed by new password.
  9. To confirm, re-enter the new password.
  10. Enter the OTP as received on your mobile.
  11. Enter the security code as it appears on the screen.
  12. Finally click on register button.
  13. Your account will be activated in Kuber Employee Portal and next time you login login with new password.

How to Kuber Jharkhand Portal Login

  • Use URL link https://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in to visit Kuber IFMS portal.
  • Enter your GPF/CPS/PRAN number in Employee Login.
  • Enter the password associated with your account after the code shown in the box.
  • Click on login button and then you will be taken to employee page.

Kuber Jharkhand Portal Forgot Password

  1. Click to Visit This URL for Kuber IFMS Jharkhand Portal Forgot Password https://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in/emp/frmOtpEmp.aspx.
  2. Enter GPF/CPS/PRAN Number.
  3. Enter your DDO registered mobile number.
  4. Click on Generate OTP button. OTP stands for One Time Password.
  5. Receive OTP on your registered mobile number.
  6. Enter date of birth and enter new password.
  7. To confirm, re-enter the new password, enter the OTP as received on your mobile.
  8. Enter the security code as it appears on the screen.
  9. Finally click on register button, login with new password.

How to Download Kuber Jharkhand Employee Salary Slip 2023

  • Visit the Kuber IFMS portal using the URL link https://jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in.
  • Enter your GPF/CPS/PRAN number in Employee Login and enter password.
  • Click on login button and wait.
  • Select the Pay Slip option on the home page and then select the appropriate year and month from the options.
  • Click on Get Report and then click Save option to download the PDF file.
  • Take print of Kuber Jharkhand Payslip PDF for selected state government employee for the year downloaded from Kuber IFMS portal and use it for your needs.