ICICI Credit Card Statement Password

ICICI Credit Card Statement Password, How to view ICICI Credit Card Statement Password Get Details at https://www.icicibank.com

ICICI Bank is a leading private bank in India. It provides banking facilities as well as many other utility services to its customers, ICICI Bank offers credit card services to its customers, A credit card is a financial instrument provided by ICICI Bank to their customers, It helps them with an easy credit limit to spend at the time of their need, to pay at a future date.

A credit card statement is used to keep track of a certain period’s credit card activity, including purchases and payments. This statement makes it possible for the credit card holder to check his balance at any time.

What is ICICI Credit Card Statement Password

Users of ICICI Bank Credit Cards can receive PDF statements in the mail or download them online via the mobile app or internet banking. This account statement is password-protected, and you must input it each time you access an ICICI Bank statement.

What is the ICICI Credit Card Statement Password and how do you remember it so you may access it at any time? We’ll also go through how to remove the password from the statement so that whoever receives it doesn’t have to enter it.

  1. The password format for the statement received through email is specific. The password is eight words long, with the first four letters being alphabets and the last four being numerals.
  2. The first four alphabets of your first name are the first four characters of your password. For example, if your name is PAVAN, the first four characters of your password will be PAVA.
  3. The password’s final four characters are the date and month of your birth in DDMM format. For example, if your birthday is June 16th, the final four characters of your password are 1606.
  4. So, your name is PAVAN, and your birth date is 16th June 1987, then your ICICI credit card statement password is PAVA1606.

How to Open ICICI Credit Card Statement Password

Your ICICI Credit Card Statement provides data of every transaction made with your credit card, making it a useful tool for analyzing your card usage and determining where you may cut back on spending. It also assists you in detecting any unauthorized use of your card, ICICI Credit Card Statement is an essential document that contains critical information about your credit card. Every month, the credit card customer receives their credit card statement through email, postal mail, or both.

This eight-character password must be typed each time the pdf statement is opened, It can be difficult to input a password when sending it to someone for documentation and having to tell them the password each time, It’s preferable to delete the password first, then send the document to the recipient. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple way to remove a password from a PDF file, However, there is a workaround that is both quick and effective, will research the process.

  1. Find the ICICI online banking or mobile banking PDF statement that you downloaded.
  2. Open your computer’s Google Chrome browser and drag this file into the new window.
  3. The statement will be shown in the browser, and you will be prompted to enter your password.
  4. You can access the statement after correctly entering the password.
  5. To print the file, use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+P for Windows or CMD+P for Mac.
  6. Select Print as PDF from the print menu and then click the Print button.
  7. The password for the downloaded pdf file has now been removed.
  8. You may simply delete the password from an icici credit card statement pdf file with this simple approach.