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Odisha (formerly Orissa), an eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal, Odisha’s capital Bhubaneswar is home to hundreds of temples, Odisha’s language is Odia, one of the traditional languages of India, it is the 8th-largest Indian state by area, the 11th-largest state in the country by population at 4 crore,

Odisha is one of the developing states in India, behind the development of Odisha state is the hard work of government employees, many government services are provided to the people of the state due to the efforts of Odisha government employees.

Odisha Government provides various online services for its employees and pays employees monthly salary regularly, earlier Odisha Government employees have to go to DDO office to get salary pay slip but now government has introduced new HRMS Odisha Pay Slip System for employee.

It is very easy for Odisha Government employees to Download Odisha Employee Salary Slip online now, Govt employees how to register and login in web portal for their online services are written in detail below.

HRMS Odisha

Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Odisha is the flagship project of Center for Moderating Government Initiative – CMGI, a society under the Department of General Administration, Government of Odisha.

HRMS Odisha is a database and application software for managing personnel transactions of government employees online, HRMS stores all service record details of Odisha government employees online, Employee can apply for leave, loan or send grievances through HRMS Odisha portal and employee can receive grant online.

HRMS Odisha software automatically prepares all accounts and registers of employee like service book, leave account, loan account, salary account, incumbency chart etc, Applying and Accepting Pension through HRMS Odisha Portal helps retired employees in Odisha and helps authorities to process pension papers easily and quickly.

IFMS Odisha

Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) Odisha is an integrated electronic system to capture all the financial activities of the state government, which helps the finance department in managing the resources of the state of Odisha, liaises with all the stakeholders in the financial management of the state,

Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) easily accessible MIS for online bill submission, online bill tracking, online payments and receipts information, real time expenditure status, centralized payroll system, accounts, employee information, payment status is the official website of HRMS Odisha, HRMS software plays an important role in Automated Pay Management System, Odisha Governament Launched this software by Odisha State Government to do human resource, business and data management.

HRMS Odisha Portal is created to meet the needs of employees like Odisha Employee Payslip, Loans, Deductions and Grievances, portal helps employee to pay payroll on time and also provide payslip to employees, this system helps govt to find details of each employee.

employee pay slip
Odisha Employee Salary Slip
HRMS Odisha Pay Slip 2024Odisha Employee Salary Slip 2024
Name of the StateOdisha State
CategoryEmployee Pay Slip / Salary Slip
DepartmentOdisha State Finance Department
ProviderHRMS Odisha
Official Website
Salary Slip Link
Odisha Employee Salary Slip

How to Register HRMS Portal Odisha Employee

  • Visit your branch account office to contact DDO officer.
  • Submit your details to the DDO officer with the online request form for Odisha Employee HRMS Portal Register.
  • Your personal and employment details documents must be submitted accurately.
  • Documents like name, date of birth, mobile number, department code can be given.
  • DDO will activate your account after verification of your personal and employment details.
  • The username and initial password will be provided after the DDO officer successfully activates your online Odisha HRMS login account.

How to Register Mobile Number in HRMS Odisha Portal

Registering your mobile number with HRMS Odisha database is very important for employee to access many online services, Mobile number registration is mandatory for accessing HRMS Odisha Portal online services.

By registering your mobile number in HRMS Odisha Portal almost all answers to your queries will be sent to your mobile number, you will receive links through message to change your information provided in your account.

  1. Visit official website for HRMS Odisha Portal Mobile Number Register.
  2. On the home page click on e-Services under the menu and then select the Registration Sign Up button.
  3. Here a new page will open, enter your details as given on that page.
  4. Enter your registered mobile number and submit.
  5. HRMS will send you an OTP to your account from the Odisha portal.
  6. Enter the OTP number in the field provided on the page and then proceed.
  7. Now select Save or Create Account option.

HRMS Odisha Login

  1. Visit the official website for HRMS Odisha Portal Login.
  2. Click on Personal Login / HRMS Login on the right side.
  3. When will HRMS Odisha login page redirect to another new page
  4. On the HRMS Login to your Account page, enter your User ID along with the password in the corresponding column.
  5. Enter the security code and click on the login button.
  6. Now you will be taken to the Odisha Employees page and your details can be checked.

HRMS Odisha Forgot Password Reset

  1. For HRMS Odisha Portal Password Reset visit official website
  2. Click on Personal Login / HRMS Login on the right side of the home page.
  3. HRMS Odisha login page will redirect to another new page
  4. Click on Forgot Password shown at the bottom of the page.
  5. In the new window Enter your 10 digit Registered (HRMS) Mobile Number and Enter your Date of Birth.
  6. Enter the captcha code and send request.
  7. HRMS Odisha reset password link can be sent to your mobile number, get new password set in message.
  8. HRMS Odisha Portal Password Reset process will be successful only if you have your registered mobile number with you.

How to Download HRMS Odisha Employee Pay Slip 2024 PDF

  • For HRMS Odisha Employee Pay Slip visit official website
  • Click on the Login tab on the homepage.
  • Enter the login details, password and username correctly on the Login to your Account page.
  • Now select the Login tab, pointing to “My Profile Page”.
  • A new page will be shown.
  • Go to the request or submit option on the page and find the payslip you need.
  • Proceed and click on HRMS Salary Slip, Odisha Employee Payslip page will open from the web page.
  • Here the month and year shows in the menu, select the month and year of the payslip you want to download.
  • A view of the payslip is shown on the slip screen and Click on Download button.