HP Gas Booking Number, HP Gas Refill Book New Phone Number

Are you looking for HP Gas Booking Number, Thinking of booking HP gas cylinder, If you are a HP gas user you can book a cylinder through phone call or WhatsApp, HP Gas Cylinder Booking Once upon a time it was very difficult to book a gas cylinder, But now it is very simple to book a cylinder, But booking numbers also vary on state wise gas agency basis, But booking numbers also vary on state wise gas agency basis.

HP Gas Booking Number

HP Gas Cylinder can be booked through WhatsApp message to HP Gas Booking Number 92222 01122, Alternatively you can book a HP Gas Cylinder by Calling HP Anytime a 24×7 IVRS Number 8888823456, Thus gas cylinder users have the facility to book gas cylinder in moments, HP Gas Booking Number is different state wise, state wide numbers can be seen in the table given below.

States/AreasPhone Numbers
Delhi & NCR99909 23456
Kerala99610 23456
Maharashtra & Goa88888 23456
Bihar94707 23456
Assam90850 23456
Tamil Nadu90922 23456
Jammu & Kashmir90860 23456
Himachal Pradesh98820 23456
Andhra Pradesh96660 23456
Rajasthan78910 23456
Haryana98129 23456
Karnataka99640 23456
Jharkhand89875 23456
Uttar Pradesh (W)81919 23456
Odisha90909 23456
Punjab98556 23456
West Bengal90888 23456
Gujarat98244 23456
Puducherry90922 23456
Uttar Pradesh98896 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh96690 23456
HP Gas Booking Number

HP Gas Refill Booking Options

  1. HP Pay Mobile App.
  2. HP ANY Time (IVRS).
  3. Missed Call on 94936 02222 from your registered mobile number.
  4. HP Gas Book Online at Website www.myhpgas.in.
  5. Umang Mobile App.
  6. WhatsApp No 92222 01122 from your registered mobile number.
  7. Customer Service Centers.
  8. HP Gas Distributorship.


My HP Gas is the official website of HPCL, It provides various services to HP Gas customers, Users can avail services on their own by logging into My HP Gas, See below what services are available on My HP Gas.

  1. Book your Cylinder
  2. Quick Book & Pay
  3. Register LPG Cylinder
  4. Give up Subsidy
  5. Join PAHAL
  6. Give Feedback
  7. Know Where to buy 5kg Cylinder
  8. KYC

How to do HP Gas Booking with HP Pay Mobile App

HP PAY mobile app for HP Gas Booking users is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, HP PAY LPG Gas Cylinder Booking and Payment is easy, convenient, You can use UPI or QR code to make payment, Also you can earn amazing payback points on every purchase, How to book with HP PAY Mobile App is detailed below.

  1. Users should install HP PAY Mobile App in their mobile.
  2. Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and install HP PAY Mobile App.
  3. Open HP PAY App after installing it on mobile.
  4. Register with your details on the HP PAY Up login page.
  5. You have to register with the phone number that is registered to the HP gas consumer number.
  6. The OTP will be sent to the registered phone number, verify it.
  7. Now see different types of services appear on the mobile screen.
  8. Select HP Gas Book option with click.
  9. Then customer details will appear, if your details are correct then confirm and click on gas book confirm option.
  10. After that a gas booking conformation message and reference number will be sent to the user’s mobile.

HP Gas Booking by HP Anytime

  1. Customers Call HP Gas Cylinder Booking HP Anytime Number 8888823456.
  2. HP Anytime, a 24×7 IVRS based refill booking system.
  3. Through this system, a HP GAS customer can call a Single Number across India to book LPG
  4. When you call HP Anytime (IVRS) you will hear your consumer number detailsrefill.
  5. If your details are correct then press 1.
  6. Press 1 for HP Gas Booking.
  7. Now your HP Gas booking will be complete and your booking reference number will sound on IVRS.
  8. All the refill bookings made through HP Anytime are captured in a central server and the data is then transferred to respective HPGAS distributors automatically.
  9. A message will also be sent to your registered mobile.

HP Gas Booking with Missed Call Number

  1. Booking an LPG refill gas cylinder is just a missed call away for HP Gas customers.
  2. HP Gas LPG customers anywhere in the country can use one missed call number – 9493602222 for refill booking, an official statement said.
  3. Booking HP gas refills through missed calls is the fastest way to book with customers without having to hold long calls.
  4. Also, customers will not incur any call charges as compared to IVRS calls where normal call rates apply.
  5. HP gas refills can be booked by giving missed calls, and a booking message will also be sent.
  6. The statement said that this facility would be of great help to IVRS or elderly users as well as unskilled people in rural areas.

HP Gas Booking Online at MY HP GAS

  1. HP Gas official website Visit the https://myhpgas.in/myHPGas/Index.aspx.
  2. Click on Book Your Cylinder option.
  3. Enter login email id and captcha code.
  4. If you are a new user, click on Create New Account.
  5. After that, click on login button.
  6. Select MY LPG option and you will see different option.
  7. Select the LPG gas cylinder and select the delivery address.
  8. Click on the Payment option.
  9. HP Gas Booking You will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.
  10. you will receive the new LPG Gas Cylinder at your doorstep After successful payment.

HP Gas Booking with SMS

HP gas booking through sms is available, This facility is available to all HP Gas customers across the country. To avail the facility, please follow the steps given below.

  1. One time register your Mobile number in HP Anytime 8888823456 number of the state.
  2. For Registering your mobile number , please send SMS to the HP ANY TIME number.
  3. HP<space>DistributorPhoneNumberWithStdCode<space>ConsumerNumber.
  4. For Refill Booking (through SMS) Type HP GAS and send to HP ANY TIME No. of the State.
  5. When you book for refill cylinder, you will receive an SMS confirming the Booking of refill cylinder with booking reference number along with pending refill booking cleared date.
  6. When cash memo of your refill booking generated by the distributor, you will receive an SMS with cash memo No. date, type of cash memo (subsidised / non-subsidised) and it’s amount.
  7. When the cylinder is delivered, you will receive an SMS confirming the delivery of the refill cylinder with delivery date and cash memo No.

HP Gas Booking Via WhatsApp

If you are using HP gas cylinder, If you want to book HP gas cylinder, Send message to 9222201122 number through WhatsApp, This gas cylinder users have the facility to book gas cylinder in moments, How to book gas through WhatsApp is explained below.

  1. Save HP Gas WhatsApp Number 9222201122 in your phone.
  2. Now open the WhatsApp Then open the HP Gas WhatsApp chat to send the message.
  3. Just Say, Hi to 92222 01122 from your registered mobile number to initiate the booking process.
  4. A message will appear Fuel or LPG Select LPG.
  5. Then it will show you the menu.
  6. Click on Book Now in Men.
  7. Your LPG refill will be booked and then click make payment and make the payment.
  1. What is the latest HP Gas booking number?

    HP ANY Time (IVRS) : Dial from your registered mobile to IVRS 88888 23456 

  2. How can I book HP Gas in Mobile?

    HP Gas Refill Booking Options HP Pay Mobile App, HP ANY Time (IVRS), Missed Call, WhatsApp Booking, Customer Service Center etc.

  3. What is the customer care number of HP Gas India 24×7 toll free?

    HP Gas India 24×7 toll free Call 1800 425 4999.

  4. What is customer ID in HP gas?

    You can find your Consumer number ID on the cash memo / receipt received at the time of a delivery.