How to View ‘My Activity’ on Google Voice History

You can also search by voice just like searching by text in Google, When you talk to Google services, Google uses its audio recognition technologies to process your audio and respond to you, If you touch the mic icon to search by voice, Google’s audio recognition technologies will translate what you’re saying into words and phrases that the search will show up in the index to bring you the most relevant results.

Google is known for developing innovative apps that improve user experience, The most popular of these applications is the powerful Google Assistant, which listens and executes our voice commands without typing text, Apps such as Google Voice are integrated with strong AI to make the user’s daily search much easier and more convenient.

Google Voice History

Google Voice functions are also available in Google Translate, allowing you to translate spoken languages into Google by voice, It is an amazing advanced software that makes voice request without touching your mobile phone, Google saves and analyzes your voice search history, Web & App Activity saves what you do on Google sites, apps and online to your Google Account on Google servers.

While some of your interactions with Google may be saved, such as voice & audio search information, Google declined to comment on why it stores the original voice recordings of your searches, While Google may use the history of voice recordings to make its natural language processing algorithms work better, Google Voice Search save history and provides information and ads related to what the user is searching for.

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How to View ‘My Activity’ on Google Voice History

How to View Google Voice Search History

  1. First open the ‘Google App‘ on your device.
  2. Now select the hamburger ‘Menu‘.
  3. Click on ‘My Activity‘ in the top left corner.
  4. Now it will go to ‘Myactivity Google’ page.
  5. If signed in to your Google account it will go directly to the activity
  6. MyActivity‘ says ‘Turn off all lights’ and next to ‘Stop’ you playback the voice recording.