How to Unblock SBI Debit Card

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State Bank provides a credit or debit card to all its customers, anyone who has an account with SBI Bank can take a debit card, If your SBI ATM Debit Card is blocked due to expiry date, in that case you need to request SBI Bank online or offline for a new card and the bank will send a new SBI Debit Card to your registered address, If you want to change your registered address for taking delivery of new SBI Debit Card, you need to visit your home branch or update your address through online modes.

Unblock SBI Debit Card

If you enter wrong SBI debit card pin three times your card will be blocked or if you block your SBI debit card yourself due to any reason then you must visit the bank branch to unlock ATM debit card, If you have an SBI account then this article will help you on “How to Unblock SBI Debit Card

How to Unblock SBI Debit Card Via Banch

  1. You must go to the nearest SBI Bank branch and request a debit unblock application form.
  2. Fill out the form right now, Enter all essential information precisely, such as the account number, CIF number, last four card numbers, and so on.
  3. Your registered signature is required on the application.
  4. The debit unblock application form along with your photo ID, must be submitted to the bank official.
  5. Your SB ATM Debit Card will be unblocked 24 hours after submission of application and you will get SMS alert on your phone when debit card is unblocked.


  1. How can I unblock my SBI ATM card 150?

    If the return code is 150, it indicates that the ATM card has been blocked. You must apply for and activate a new ATM Card.

  2. How do I unblock my debit card after entering the wrong PIN 3 times?

    If you've just banned your card's chip after three failed PIN attempts, you have two options: If you go to a large bank's ATM, you should notice a new 'PIN Unlock' option, or you can examine your remaining balance. The third option is to withdraw cash.

  3. Why is my ATM card blocked?

    If you repeatedly input the wrong ATM PIN, your bank may proactively block your ATM card. It protects your ATM card from being abused if it is stolen or misplaced. Solution: If your ATM card was not stolen and you typed the PIN incorrectly, it will be automatically unblocked in 24 hours.