How to HDFC Debit Card Block

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HDFC Bank One of the largest banks in India, HDFC Bank Bank offers many online services to its customers to easily access their accounts, Nowadays with the advancement of technology and increasing use of debit cards, there is a risk of debit card cloning, Withdrawing your cash at a fake ATM is also dangerous as there is software that can steal debit card PIN information.

HDFC Debit Card Block

It is best to block HDFC Bank Debit Card the minute you realize your HDFC Bank Debit Card is missing or as soon as you get any information from the bank about a transaction you did not make, How to Block HDFC Bank Bit Card Easily Available Online HDFC Bank Account Holders Can Now Block Their HDFC Bank Debit Card Using Their Phone, If you lose your HDFC Bank Debit Card or it gets stolen or damaged, you can block your card through any of the methods mentioned below.

Necessary things to block HDFC Debit Card You must have a mobile number registered with the bank, Mobile number should be active and able to receive OTP via SMS If you want to block HDFC ATM Card using Net Banking then enter HDFC Customer ID and Internet Banking Password, You can block debit card using mobile banking app, you can block card using SMS or phone banking, By these you can easily block hdfc atm card instantly.

How to HDFC Debit Card Block Via MyCards

  1. Go to the MyCards page at
  2. Enter the registered mobile number, get the OTP and enter the OTP.
  3. On the debit card homepage, click on the Black Card tab.
  4. Select the reason to hotlist and continue next.
  5. You will receive a confirmation that the debit card has been successfully hotlisted.

How to Block HDFC Debit Card using HDFC Mobile Banking App

  1. Install and open the HDFC Mobile Banking app.
  2. Login using your PIN number or fingerprint.
  3. From the main page, tap on the menu icon in the left-hand corner and then tap on the PAY option.
  4. Then tap on the CARDS option in the sub-menu, which will show the details of the debit card linked to your account.
  5. From the new page click on the debit card number you want to block.
  6. Select the reason to hotlist and tap on BLOCK option.
  7. By clicking on the block card button, your card will be blocked instantly.
  8. Your debit card is now blocked and no transactions can be made using this debit card..

How to Block HDFC ATM Card using Net Banking

  1. Login to HDFC Net Banking using Customer ID and Password
  2. Click on the Debit Card section and select Debit Card on the left.
  3. Click on Requests and then click on Debit Card Hotlisting.
  4. Select debit card for hotlisting, select reason and specify remarks and confirm.
  5. You will receive a confirmation that the debit card has been successfully hotlisted.

How to HDFC ATM Card Block using WhatsApp

  1. HDFC Bank Whatsapp Number 70700 22222 Say HI and move on.
  2. Complete your one-time registration by entering the OTP and the last four customer ID digits.
  3. Enter your Debit Card-related search term here, or choose from the available alternatives. (Choose Debit Card services under Other Services).
  4. Select Block my Debit Card from the Debit Card Services menu and explain your decision.
  5. For Hotlisting, the last four digits of your Debit Card will be shown, Please double-check before clicking the continue to block button.
  6. You will be notified that the card has been deactivated.

How to HDFC ATM Card Block Via EVA

  1. Visit HDFC Official website at
  2. On the right, click on the EVA chatbot.
  3. Choose Debit Card Services, then Hotlist your Debit Card.
  4. Enter the OTP and your registered mobile number.
  5. Enter your DOB in the DD/MM/YYYY format and press the Proceed button.
  6. Proceed by entering the last four digits of your Debit Card.

How to Block HDFC ATM Card using Phone Banking

  1. Please contact us at 1800 202 6161 or 1860 267 6161 (available throughout India). Callers from other countries can reach us at +9122 61606160.
  2. Follow the instructions to block your debit card to continue. Please have your customer ID, account number, and registered cellphone number on available.

How to Block HDFC ATM Card Via Branch

  1. You can hotlist Debit Card by visiting your nearest HDFC Bank branch,Collect application form from the branch or download the form (Resources>>Form center>> Personal >>Debit Cards>>Blocking ATM & Debit Card Form, Fill the form and submit at the branch.


  1. How can I block my HDFC debit card by SMS?

    I've seen many people ask how to ban an HDFC debit card through SMS, so let me tell you that you may do so by texting BLOCKCARD last 6 digits of your card number to 9223150150. You can also disable your debit card by dialing a few digits.

  2. How do I block my lost debit card?

    You can always go to the local bank branch and use the ATM card issued by the bank with whom you have an account. Bank employees will quickly assist you in blocking your card.

  3. How can I block my HDFC debit card and reapply?

    Call HDFC Bank Card Customer Service at 1800 425 4332 for assistance. Banks provide this service to their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including Sundays and holidays. Provide the relevant security details to the customer support contact. Your card will then be blocked, and a new ATM Debit Card will be given to you.