How to HDFC Bank Account Address Change/Update

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HDFC Bank Limited is India’s largest private sector bank and the 10th largest bank in the world, HDFC Bank offers many online and offline services to its customers, Almost the customers can avail most of the services through online without contacting the branch, This is possible through net banking and mobile banking.

If the bank address is not changed then your bank statement or checkbook and debit card sent by post will go to your old address so when you move house you should also change the address, HDFC Bank customers can send a request for address change or update through the nearest HDFC Bank branch, Users can also personally visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch to submit the supporting address proof document along with the application form for HDFC Bank address change or update.

HDFC Bank Account Address Change/Update

HDFC Bank customers can request for change or update of their registered address in the bank account online through netbanking or mobile banking, HDFC Bank provides digital banking facility to its customer to manage their account, You can now easily change your HDFC bank address online using netbanking or mobile banking, You can change your address through your mobile number registered with HDFC Bank. Let’s see how to change address in HDFC Bank online.

HDFC Bank Account Address Change List of Accepted Proof of Documents

  • Aadhaar Card /Virtual ID
  • Voter’s Identity Card (both sides)
  • Driving Licence (both sides)
  • Passport
  • Employe Card issued by NREGA & etc.

How to Change HDFC Bank Account Address through Net Banking?

  1. Customer Visit HDFC net banking Official website on
  2. Enter your HDFC net banking details to login to your account.
  3. Then, from the top menu, select the ‘Update Contact Details‘ option, and then the ‘Update Address‘ option.
  4. You can see your current address on the screen. On the screen, press the “Update” button.
  5. A list of acceptable address proof documents is provided.
  6. Choose one from the list and scan a self-attested copy for online submission.
  7. then select Continue. You will be taken to a website where you may add and submit the address proof document after being redirected.
  8. Verify the information you entered, add a document to prove your address, and then click “Submit.”
  9. After document verification, your new address will be changed within 7 working days.

How to HDFC Bank Account Address Change through Ofline

  1. Here’s how to change your contact information at an HDFC Bank location.
  2. HDFC Change of Address Download the Application Form and fill it.
  3. After you’ve finished filling out the application entirely, print it off and sign it.(The account holder should only perform this action).
  4. Please take note that an address change will only take effect if the original applicant or first-holder stays the same for all products and services.
  5. Please include a copy of your address proof with your request to modify your address (you should perform self-attestation). List of legal documents showing an address.
  6. Send the application form and any self-attested documentation to the branch that is closest to you by mail.

How to Check HDFC Address Change Status

Your new Address will be updated in 7 working days, and you will be contacted via the Email address that is updated in your account. Make sure you have an updated email id in your account, How to know if your Address is updated?

How to Check Online HDFC Address Change Status

Log in to your net banking account and select Personal Details. On the screen, you can see the new address that has been added to your account.