How to Solve BHIM App “UPI Registration Failed”

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Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is a new mobile banking feature and is very popular in India, UPI payment method is mainly used in online banking services as Qr code or mobile number basis, BHIM app is the first app based payment system powered by UPI, Mobile digital transactions are gaining popularity in India.

Online money transfer methods allow users to send and receive money faster, BHIM app requires Unified Payment Interface or UPI system for convenient money transfer, UPI app enrolls lakhs of users due to security and quality banking services.

UPI Registration Failed

BHIM app is an important money transfer platform that facilitates fund transactions between different bank accounts, BHIM app user can link their bank account details for easy transactions, User can avail UPI service through different bank accounts registered with same mobile number, BHIM mobile banking app UPI registration is very easy but sometimes gives some technical hits,

BHIM mobile banking app displays error message “UPI Registration Failed” when you complete registration, because UPI mobile number is linked to internet access with SIM card and mobile data, something is not working properly, No BHIM may be the reason for registration failed issue, If you are using BHIM app and facing problem during registration process, There are several ways to fix UPI Registration Error, Let’s know how to fix BHIM UPI registration failed issue.

How to Solve the issue of UPI Registration Failed in BHIM App

  1. Insert your Mobile SIM card into slot 1.
  2. Many people use the first SIM card slot 1 for easy receiving of messages and other mobile related services.
  3. If you insert your bank registered mobile number in SIM slot2, BHIM app may not be able to send message from SIM2.
  4. Make sure to use active SIM 1 slot for BHIM app and banking services.
  5. It Removes UPI Registration Error to help the user complete the registration process.
  6. Have enough balance in your SIM to solve UPI registration failed issue.

How to Fix UPI Registration Failed Via Mobile Network

  1. Make sure your mobile number has a good network.
  2. SIM must have good network coverage to operate BHIM app UPI system.
  3. The network allows users to send SMS for the UPI enrollment process.
  4. Weak or network coverage will cause an error thus indicating UPI Enrollment Failed message.
  5. Always check the network coverage before starting the process.

How to Fix / Solve UPI Registration Failed Via Mobile Number

  1. Make sure you are using a registered mobile number.
  2. For BHIM app money transaction, account user must operate using bank registered mobile number.
  3. Generate error message if UPI is generated through mobile number not registered to user account.
  4. Before registering for UPI services use registered mobile number to register or visit bank register your mobile number.

UPI Registration Failed Solve Use a Single SIM

  1. Mobile devices are designed with two SIM slots.
  2. BHIM app can be challenging to find the correct SIM.
  3. Use one SIM slot (SIM 1) to complete the process during UPI registration and avoid failed error.


  1. How long does it take for UPI registration?

    Your bank account should be connected to your cell number for this. If you are prepared with all the prerequisites, UPI registration should just take five minutes. Your bank account should be connected to your cell number for this.

  2. How can I register my mobile number in BHIM?

    The app will request your consent before sending an SMS to confirm your phone number. You will be taken to the home page if you are successful. Only on android devices will you be asked to call a USSD code if the attempt was unsuccessful. Your registration will be finished once BHIM detects your mobile phone number and device.

  3. What is required for UPI registration?

    Put in your debit card's last six digits as well as the (MM/YY) expiration date. A fresh UPI PIN can be made. Your registered number will receive an SMS for OTP authentication.