How to Deactivate SBI Credit Card Auto Debit Facility

How to Deactivate SBI Credit Card Auto Debit Facility, How to Deactivate Auto Debit Facility in SBI Credit Card, How to SBI Credit Card Auto Debit Facility Deactivate.

If you have an account with SBI, Get a pre-approved SBI credit card based on your credit score, State Bank (SBI) offers several types of credit cards, Depending on your requirement, you can choose SBI credit card variants to get the most benefits and convenience, Credit cards are different from cash cards and charge cards And offer significant benefits to cardholders including auto debit facility.

One feature State Bank offers is Auto Debit facility, The credit card will automatically debit the bill amount from your SBI bank account, Auto Debit is a money transfer on a fixed date to pay recurring bills like property loans, vehicle loans, utility bills, credit card bills, etc.

Deactivate SBI Credit Card Auto Debit

Auto Debit facility on credit cards is provided on request by SBI Credit Card holders but it is not mandatory, Whether or not to use the Auto Debit facility is left to the discretion of the credit card users, Some people like to make payments online, some don’t prefer to activate credit card auto debit online in minutes.

If you have started SBI Credit Card Auto Debit facility by mistake and wish to close it, The form is available on the SBI Bank website, You download the SBI Credit Card Auto Debit Deactivation form, You have to fill the form completely, then go to the branch and submit the form in the concerned desk.

How to Deactivate SBI Credit Card Auto Debit Facility

  1. First Download SBI Credit Card Auto Debit Deactivation Form and Take a Print of this PDF file.
  2. Write your full name, credit card number and your SBI account number in the form.
  3. Write your complete details in the form and write signature at the end of the form.
  4. Fold this form and insert it in a paper cover for posting.
  5. Write SBI Cards Service Address on Post Envelope.
  6. To– SBI Cards & Payment Services Ltd., 12th floor, DLF infinity tower, Tower-C, Block no-2, Building-3, DLF Cyber City Gurgaon-122002.
  7. Also write your name, address and mobile number on the post cover.
  8. Go to your nearest courier office or Indian Post Office and ask them to send you an envelope.
  9. Pay the required fees and your envelope will be scheduled to be sent to the given address.
  10. Finally your envelope will reach SBI office.
  11. You will receive SMS about cancellation of Auto Debit facility on SBI Credit Card.


  1. How can I stop my SBI credit card auto debit?

    To deactivate the Auto Debit facility, you need to download the Auto Debit Deactivation Letter from the official website. Fill the form and send it to us at: SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd.

  2. How do I remove auto debit from my credit card?

    Yes, you can cancel automatic payments with your bank. You can do so through net banking or by visiting your bank's nearest branch and requesting that automatic payments be stopped.

  3. How can I check my SBI credit card deactivated?

    When will SBI consider my credit card account closed? After your credit card account has been canceled, SBI will provide you a formal confirmation. Your credit record will also show that your credit card account was closed.