How to Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction (Enable/Disable)

How to Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction (Enable/Disable), HDFC Debit Card Enable, HDFC Debit Card Activate, HDFC Debit Card Activate Online at

Everyone who opens a new account in HDFC Bank is given a Debit Card, getting a new HDFC Bank Debit Card is very exciting and once it is in your hands, the desire to use it immediately is very high, But the new debit card will not work without activation, It is important to know How to Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction (Enable/Disable), So that when you use your new debit card you won’t be in an awkward position.

HDFC Debit Card can be activated online and also offline through ATM, HDFC Debit Card must be activated within a specified period or the PIN number given by the bank will be invalid, Once the PIN number is invalid, the debit card can be activated only through phone banking or by visiting the branch in person, To avoid all these hassles learn HDFC Debit Card Activation Procedure and follow it as soon as you get your card.

How to Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction at NetBanking

There are several steps to enable/activate HDFC Debit Card online transactions using Net Banking facility, Net banking is an online facility developed to help bank customer access banking services through mobile or computer, HDFC Bank customer needs to register for internet banking to access online banking services, There are several steps to Enable/Disable HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction, How to Activate HDFC Debit Card is detailed below.

  1. HDFC Account Holder Visit Net Banking Official Website
  2. Do your login to open net banking.
  3. Click on the “Cards” option and select the “Debit Card” tab.
  4. Proceed to “Application Options” and click “Set Card Control/Usage Limit Options.
  5. Select the card you want to activate and press the Continue button.
  6. Turn on the options “Daily Domestic Usage / Open Limits and turn on the “Online Usage” options.
  7. Select and set the transaction limit to proceed.
  8. Confirm all your requests and hit the Continue tab to complete the process.
  9. HDFC Bank will send a confirmation message to your email ID and mobile number.

HDFC Debit Card Activate at ATM

  1. After you get your welcome kit from HDFC Bank, along with the debit card, the ATM PIN will be given in a sealed envelope.
  2. When you go to an ATM, put your debit card in the machine.
  3. Register Enter the ATM PIN provided in the welcome kit.
  4. After entering this PIN you will be prompted to change your ATM PIN.
  5. Change your ATM PIN and use the card henceforth for normal transactions.

How to Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction (Enable/Disable) at Mobile Banking

HDFC Bank customers can limit transaction in Debit Card Section on HDFC Mobile Banking App, Not only that, it can also be put in Debit Card Enable/Disable, If you want option like ATM and Internet, Online, Merchant in HDFC mobile banking app, you can turn it on, If you don’t want it, you can turn it off.

  1. Install HDFC Mobile Banking App on your mobile.
  2. HDFC Bank MobileBanking App Available on Google Play Store and Store.
  3. Open the HDFC Mobile Banking app on your mobile.
  4. Go to Login section and enter your username and password.
  5. After logging in, select the “Change Usage Channel” tab on the dashboard.
  6. Select the “Online Transactions” tab.
  7. Then select Enable or Disable option.
  8. Now the user can use the card for any online service.
  1. How can I activate my HDFC debit card for online transaction?

    Activate HDFC Debit Card for online transaction, To activate HDFC Debit Card one has to login to internet banking portal of respective bank, Once you've logged in, go to the section marked 'Debit Card'. Includes instructions on how to generate an ATM PIN for your debit card.

  2. How can I activate HDFC online transaction through SMS?

    HDFC Bank customers can send the following SMS – REGISTER to 5676712 from their registered mobile number. HDFC SMS Banking can be registered instantly.

  3. Can I use HDFC debit card online?

    You can use your card directly to pay online or in store.