eSalary Haryana Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download Intra Haryana Login

eSalary Haryana Employee Pay Slip 2024, Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024, HRMS Haryana Salary Pay Slip 2024 PDF Download

Haryana A northern Indian state that surrounds New Delhi on 3 sides, a large area of the state of Haryana is included in the economically important National Capital Region of India, Chandigarh is the state capital of Haryana, shared with Punjab, Gurgaon in Haryana is considered one of India’s major information technology and automobile hubs.

The role of government employees is behind the development of Haryana, many government services are provided to the people due to the efforts of Haryana government employees, Haryana government provides many online services for its employees and eSalary Haryana Salary Slip is provided to employees through online.

Haryana government employees now easy to download web portal Employee Pay Slip, how to register and login to eSalary Haryana website for employees for their online services, We have written many such things in detail below and know.

eSalary Haryana

eSalary Haryana System is an online facility, this online system provides many conveniences to employees through online HRMS login which reduces the days of whitewashing of employees for eSalary Haryana Employee Salary Slip as in the past.

The esalary Haryana system now publishes the salary of employees on department-wise basis reducing the manual effort by the accounts team and disbursing them without any manual intervention, Haryana Employee Payslip This is an authorized document issued by HRMS Haryana for salary of various department employees, eSalary Haryana System has benefited the Haryana Government in disbursing salaries to employees. is an online web portal, this online system is run by Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Haryana, eSalary Haryana provides many facilities to employees through portal login.

Haryana Employee Salary Slip
Haryana Employee Salary Slip
esalary Haryana Pay Slip 2024Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2024
Name of the StateHaryana State
CategoryPayslip / Salary Slip
EligibleHaryana State Governament Employees
ProviderIFMS Haryana
DepartmentFinance Department of Haryana
official Website
Employee Login Manuval

 eSalary Haryana Portal Registration

Haryana State Government has launched eSalary Haryana web portal to provide additional government facilities online to its employees, Launched a web portal with one time registration for employees to get online services through login, where especially eSalary Haryana Payslip is the main facility that Haryana state government employees can get in various departments.

The data of every employee of Haryana State Government will be uploaded on eSalary website and thus after their successful sign up, employees can use the online facility and view employee full salary statement, annual salary statement, GPF balance, pension calculator, bio-data, late CS news.

Haryana State Government Employees will benefit with eSalary Haryana Payslip as they can see their personal employee details at any time and also such employees how to register on eSalary Haryana web portal is detailed below.

  1. First visit on any device for eSalary Haryana Portal Registration.
  2. For availing employee login facility, first time employee has to enter his payee code as username and password i.e. employee code is his username as well as password.
  3. Select the current year and then the code will be shown in the blue box, click on the login button and the first screen will appear for verifying the employee information and changing his password.
  4. Now enter your GPF/PRAN number, also fill your PAN number, date of birth and account number, click on the checkbox to verify the details provided as per records.
  5. When he presses tab key, the disabled checkbox given before the box is checked and OK is written with it only if the entry made by him is correct.
  6. If the employee has PRAN not GPF number, he should select N.A. for Not Applicable given in the list of GPF series and then he should enter the PRAN in the box preceding it.
  7. If the type of employee is retrenched, he is N.A. for not applicable in Gpf series list. should be selected and the box will also be left blank. If, the software will not allow the user to update the password if he has entered something wrong.
  8. Like GPF/PRAN number, all the fields are filled by the user and after each field entry by pressing tab key the checkbox given to the right of GPF/PRAN number, PAN number, date of birth, bank A/c number. will be written with “Correct” and checked.
  9. After the user has entered all the required information, he must give his mobile number. and email id. This mobile number and email ID will be used in future to send SMS/e-mails regarding salary deposit in the user’s bank account number. Also, the email ID may be used as his UserID in future.
  10. Finally he gives a new password and in the next textbox, he again enters the new password to confirm that password.
  11. At the bottom of the page and above the “Update” button, a checkbox is given to confirm the details entered by the user.
  12. If the user doesn’t enter any of the four mandatory information and tries to update the password it says it can’t.
  13. And if he enters the four details correctly and checks on the confirmation checkbox, after correctly entering the new password in the New Password and Confirm Password boxes, the password will be changed successfully.
  14. After successfully updating the password, the system will automatically log out the user and the login screen will appear.
  15. Now the user has to enter his payer code and new password to log in to his account again, the welcome screen will now appear. Two menus will appear on this screen, now you have successfully completed the eSalary Haryana Portal Registration.

How to Edit eSalary Haryana Employee Profile

  1. Visit the e-Salary Haryana portal using the URL and login.
  2. First is the main menu, which contains the option “Edit Profile”, clicking on this option will show the following.
  3. On this page he will see his name, unique code or we can say User ID, Mobile Number, Email-ID.
  4. But to update mobile number and email id he needs to enter his password then only he can update this page.

 eSalary Haryana Login

  1. First visit on any device for eSalary Haryana Login.
  2. Click on login option on home page.
  3. Now enter Username and click Password below.
  4. Enter the Capture Code Click on the Login option.
  5. Now your eSalary Haryana Login is done successfully.

eSalary Haryana Forgot Login Password

  1. First visit on any device for eSalary Haryana Portal Forgot Password.
  2. Enter Username and click Forgot Password below.
  3. If the user wants to change his password again anytime in the future, he can select this option.
  4. Create a new password and re-enter the new password Click Submit.
  5. Now an OTP will be sent to your registered email or mobile number, enter the OTP.
  6. Now your new password will be changed successfully.

How to Download eSalary Haryana Salary Slip 2024

  • Go to the official web portal for eSalary Haryana Salary Slip Download
  • Provide your username generated by your employee code and password and provide the captcha code shown below Click Login to open the login page
  • Click the Payslip option from the menu on the home page
  • Here the user has to select the pay month and pay year for which he wants to view his payslip.
  • Click on the Generate Report button to display the required pay slip on the screen in Pdf format
  • A payslip of the selected payment and pay year will be generated
  • This eSalary Haryana Payslip is available in PDF form, the user can save it in his computer or take a printout if he wants.

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