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Chhattisgarh is one of the fastest growing states in India, the role of government employees is behind the development of Chhattisgarh state, due to the efforts of Chhattisgarh government employees, many government services are provided to the people of the state.

Government of Chhattisgarh provides various online services for its employees and pays monthly salary of employees regularly, In the past Chhattisgarh government employees had to go to DDO office to get salary pay slip but now government has introduced new Online Salary Slip Generation System for employees.

Chhattisgarh government employees now Download eKosh CG Employee Salary Slip online is very easy, Chhattisgarh government employees how to register in eKosh Online for their online services and how to log in many things are written in detail below.


eKosh is an online system run by the Chhattisgarh Directorate of Treasury Accounts And Pensions Department to provide eKosh Chhattisgarh Employee Payslip download and save employee details to serve government employees working in various government departments.

eKosh Payroll

Definition of ePayroll (Online Salary Preparation Software) e-Payroll is an online generated electronic Chhattisgarh Employee Payslip that every employee can download by logging into the eKosh Online portal, Below we tell you how to get your Chhattisgarh employee Salary Slip Download using employee name and password associates with eKosh online website.


ekoshonline.cg.nic.in is a web portal working under the Directorate of Treasury Accounts & Pension Department of Chhattisgarh State, the details of all employees working in various government departments like salary, pension, cps, parole employees are very easy to access from e-kosh online website.

Chhattisgarh Government provides salaries to its employees every month, every employee receives a salary slip containing their monthly earnings, deductions and net salary, Chhattisgarh Employee Pay Slip is generated every month through ePayroll CG website https://ekoshonline.cg.nic.in web portal.

CG Employees Salary Slip with complete details is called a payslip, employees can use the online facility provided to access their CG ekosh Payslip and personal details from eKosh website, login username and password for payslip download of month or year etc, Chhattisgarh Employee Payslip online generated PDF document with detailed list of various sections of your salary.

CG Employee Salary Slip
CG Employee Salary Slip
ekosh CG Employee Pay Slip 2024Chhattisgarh Employee Salary Slip 2024
Name of the StateChhattisgarh
CategoryEmployee Payslip / ekosh CG Salary Slip
EligibleChhattisgarh State Governament Employess
ProviderDirectorate of Treasury Accounts And Pensions,Chhattisgarh
Website Linkhttps://ekoshonline.cg.nic.in/
Directorate of Treasury Accounts and Pensions Website Linkhttps://treasury.cg.nic.in/
Employee Corner Web Linkhttps://ekoshonline.cg.nic.in/employeecorner/

eKosh Payroll Regestration

Every employee is given an eKosh Chhattisgarh salary slip at the end of the month, how much salary was received, how much money was deducted for savings and how much tax was paid, eKosh CG loan details if any are detailed in the payslip

Download eKosh CG Employee Payslip Online i.e. eKosh Payroll Registration is a must, only then you will get many services through Chhattisgarh Employee Self Service.

If you are a Chhattisgarh Government employee, you must definitely register at ekoshonline.cg.nic.in portal, if you don’t have exact information about eKosh CG Payroll Registration, contact your DDO office and ask for information through the concerned desk.

eKosh Login

  1. First type ekoshonline.cg.nic.in in any Device and visit the website.
  2. Click on ‘ePayroll‘ option from the menu on the left side of the web page.
  3. Now on the changed page select ‘Employee Corner‘ from the left menu.
  4. First enter your employee number or code as username + date of birth (DDMMYY) and password column.
  5. Enter the Captcha code as shown in the box below.
  6. Now click on login button to do your eKosh Login.
  7. Here you can see information about your job.
  8. Now you have successfully logged into eKosh CG Employee Payslip website.

eKosh Forgot Password

  1. Visit the website ekoshonline.cg.nic.in.
  2. Click the ‘ePayroll’ option from the menu
  3. Now on the changed page select ‘Employee Corner‘ from the menu
  4. First enter Username and Password.
  5. Enter the Captcha code.
  6. Click on Login button.
  7. Verify your details and proceed to the next step once your employee page is verified.
  8. If you want to change password click on Forgot Password and let new page load.
  9. Create your new password and enter the password twice and then click on the Confirm button.
  10. Now your eKosh Forgot Password is successfully completed.

eKosh Chhattisgarh Employee Payslip 2024 Download

  • For CG Employees Salary Slip 2024 Download Visit eKosh Online Website Link eKoshonline.cg.nic.in.
  • Click on the Employee Corner option from the menu on the left side of the home page.
  • Now the Employee Login web page will open.
  • In the application form on the eKosh Employee Login page, enter the employee code that you received during registration.
  • Now enter the eKosh Employee Login password.
  • Enter the captcha code then click on the login button.
  • Now your respective eKosh CG employee salary slip download web page will open.
  • On this page select the Salary Slip option under the Pay option under the left side menu.
  • Select the relevant month & year from the dropdown list in the eKosh CG Salary Payslip web application.
  • Click on the Get Pay Slip option and download.
  • The requested salary slip for your selected month & year will be downloaded on your device in PDF format.
  • Use Chhattisgarh Employee Salary Slip for your requirement.