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The Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for conducting Union and State election processes in India, the Election Commission is a federal body of India implemented under the provisions of the Constitution, It is responsible for monitoring and conducting all Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha (MP) election processes in India.

Elections ensure the conduct of members before, during, and after elections in accordance with statutory law, the Election Commission handles all election-related disputes, and is responsible for ensuring free and fair elections without any bias.

Voter Card

Indian citizens aged 18 years or above are eligible for voter registration, Eligible voters must be ordinarily resident in the polling area of any constituency and registered to vote must possess a valid voter identity card issued by the Election Commission of India.

Voter ID Card

In democratic India, the right to vote is fundamental Acts as a proof of identity of the person and ensures the eligibility of the person to vote Voter ID Card also known as Voter ID Card is an important document that allows eligible citizens to participate in the electoral process New voters who have recently registered to vote can download from

Digital Voter ID

In today’s increasingly digitized world, a digital voter card acts as an electronic alternative to the traditional physical voter card, similar to an ATM card and waterproof with a QR code, a Digital Voter ID Card adds a secure way for citizens to participate in elections.

Digitization of voter cards aims to make the process more convenient, secure and accessible to citizens, by switching from physical cards to digital formats, people can now easily store their voter ID cards on their smartphones or computers.


e-EPIC Card It usually contains personal information such as name, address, date of birth and Unique Identification Number, a virtual document that verifies a person’s identity and voter registration details, e-EPIC is a portable document format (PDF) version of EPIC,

It can be downloaded in self-printable form on mobile or computer, E-EPIC Card is designed to be easily accessible through various electronic devices including smartphones and computers, E-EPIC Card can be uploaded by the voter in his digi locker or printed and self-laminated.

Digital Voter Card Download

  • Visit Election Commission of India official website
  • Click Login from home page and then enter your Registered mobile number or Email ID / EPIC number in login
  • Now Enter Password and Captcha Code, Click on Request OTP and Enter OTP and Login Success
  • Click on Download E-EPIC from Service in the portal
  • Enter your details like name, date of birth and address as per E-EPIC number or registration records.
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number and authenticate your identity through the OTP verification process.
  • Now you can download your Digital Voter Card PDF format.

Voter ID Card Download in PDF Format

Downloading a Digital Voter Card in PDF format is a popular option, The PDF format ensures that the downloaded card retains its original formatting, including text, images, and other relevant details. Opting for a PDF download makes it easy for individuals to either print a physical copy of their voter ID card if required or store it digitally for quick and easy access.

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