Block Union Bank ATM? How to Block Union Bank ATM Card By SMS, Net Banking, Mobile App & etc

Union Bank is one of India’s largest state-owned banks, For the convenience of Union Bank customers, the bank offers a variety of services, One such service is instant Union Bank ATM card block, When your Union Bank Debit Card becomes missing, the first step is to block it.

Block Union Bank ATM

Union Bank of India, like other banks, provides its customers with several options for blocking a card, To block Union Bank ATM Card, you must have a registered mobile phone and be able to call or send SMS to UBI customer service, The procedure for blocking a Union Bank ATM card is properly explained step by step. Watch to find out.

The mobile phone number must be linked to the bank account, To Union bank ATM Card Block, So that you can block Union Bank ATM card, you can phone or send SMS to bank customer car, Blocking can be accomplished using net banking or mobile banking, There are several ways to rapidly disable a Union Bank ATM card.

How to Block Union Bank ATM Card By Customer Care Service

  1. Please call our 24×7 call center on the numbers given at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Dial 1800222244 or 18002082244 from your registered mobile number.
  3. Choose Card Blocking from the IVRS menu.
  4. Now, choose Verify your card number and Black Union Bank Debit Card.

How to Union Bank ATM Card Block By SMS Service

If you want to block Union Bank ATM debit card, you can also do it through SMS, You must have a registered mobile number to send Union Bank SMS mobile number card block SMS.

To Block ATM Debit CardBLOCK<space>Last four digit of debit card Number
 (e.g. BLOCK<space>1234 sent to 09223008486 )

Block Union Bank ATM Card By Internet banking

If you want to Block Union Bank ATM Debit Card, you can also do it through net banking, You need to login to your net banking to block debit card through union bank net banking, See below in detail how to block debit card through Union Banking through Net Banking.

  1. Log in to union bank net banking from the site
  2. From the main home page, navigate to the Requests area.
  3. Now select the ‘Block ATM card
  4. Select the ‘Block ATM card’ option.
  5. Enter the reason for the block as well as the ATM card number.
  6. To block it immediately, click the ‘Block card’ button.
  1. How can I block my Union Bank ATM by SMS?

    Launch the SMS app on your phone. Send a message in the following format to 9223008486.

  2. How do I block my Union Bank ATM card?

    Please contact our 24-hour Call Center at the numbers listed at the top of the screen to get the card Hot Listed (banned). You can also phone the Credit Card phone Centre at 1800 22 22 44 or 080-25300175 for credit cards. Please also request that a new card be issued.

  3. How do I block Union Bank net banking?

    Account holders can freeze their Union Bank of India debit card by calling 18004251112 (toll-free). For extra assistance, the account holder should contact a customer care agent using the registered mobile number.