Bandhan Bank Customer ID, How to Check Bandhan Bank Customer ID in Simple Ways

Bandhan Bank Ltd. is a Banking and Financial Services Company, Headquartered in Kolkata, Having Received the Universal Banking Licence from the Reserve Bank of India, Bank Products and Services Range from Savings to Current Accounts, Fixed Deposits to Credit Cards, home loans to Personal loans, insurance to mutual funds and more.

Bandhan Bank Customer ID

Bandhan Bank gives Customer ID to All who Open an Account, It is also known as a Unique Identification Number, Given to every Customer holding a Savings / Current Account with Bandhan Bank, Bandhan Bank also gives Customer ID number on bank passbook, statement and Check Book.

How to Get Bandhan Bank Customer ID from Bandhan Bank Welcome Kit

Bandhan Bank Welcome kit is an envelope that is Given to the Customer by the bank when he or she Opens a new Account, This kit is either sent to the Communication address of the Customer or handed over to the Customer at the home Branch, What is included in the Bandhan Bank Welcome Kit is detailed below.

  1. Bandhan Bank Passbook
  2. Bandhan Bank Cheque Book
  3. ATM Debit Card & PIN Number
  4. Debit Card Pin Set Instruction Booklet etc.

How to Know Bandhan Bank Customer ID by Passbook

Bandhan Bank Passbook is a physical notebook used by Bank Customers to track their Transactions, which Documents all Bandhan Bank Transactions on paper, Bandhan Bank Passbook Contains all the Details of the Account holder, Bandhan Bank Passbook Contains Customer ID, See below how to know where Customer ID is in Bandhan Bank Passbook.

  1. Take Bandhan Bank Pass Book.
  2. Open Bandhan Bank Pass Book.
  3. Bandhan Bank Pass Book has customer name on the right side.
  4. IFSC code on the left side and customer ID below it.

How to Get Bandhan Bank Customer ID by Cheqbook

Cheque Book will be issued to you by the Bandhan Bank, which is a Book of Paper, Customers can Request Cheque Book in Bandhan Bank by following Both Online and Offline Methods, A check book is issued by the Bank, which the beneficiary can use to withdraw cash from their nearest Bank, When a check signed by a Customer is used to withdraw money, All the Details of the Transaction are recorded by the Bank, See below how to know Customer ID in bank Check Book.

  1. Take Bandhan Bank Check Book.
  2. Open Bandhan Bank Check Book.
  3. See on the first page of Bandhan Bank Check Book.
  4. The first page of the Check Book Contains the Customer ID next to the Account Number.
Bandhan Bank Customer ID
Bandhan Bank Customer ID

How to Know Bandhan Bank Customer ID through Customer Care Helpline Support

Bandhan Bank account holders can get the information they need through Bandhan Bank Customer Service, How Bandhan Bank account holders can know their customer ID through Customer Care Helpline (Toll-free) is detailed below.

  1. Bandhan Bank Customers Should first Call the Customer Care Helpline (Toll-free).
  2. Customer Care Number – 1800-258-8181.
  3. Bandhan Bank customers should call with their registered mobile number.
  4. After calling Customer Care, IVRS voice will be heard.
  5. Options will be heard in IVRS voice.
  6. Customer Select their desired Customer ID.
  7. A Bandhan Bank Customer Service Officer will be available to you.
  8. Customer service officer will tell you customer ID after knowing your information.

How to Know Bandhan Bank Customer ID through mBandhan Mobile App

Bandhan Bank has made many services available for its customers and one of them is mBandhan Mobile Banking App, Customers can avail many services through mBandhan Mobile Banking App, Clients can know Customer ID through mBandhan App as explained below.

  • Customers need to install mBandhan App on their Mobile.
  • The mBandhan app is Available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.
  • After installing the mBandhan App on your mobile, you need to register only with the phone number linked to your bank account.
  • Complete the registration through the OTP sent to the registered phone number.
  • After login mBandhan App go to profile option on home page.
  • The profile contains all the details of the account holder.
  • It includes customer name and account number along with customer name.

How to Get Bandhan Bank Customer ID through *99# Banking

Bandhan Bank customers enjoy a wide range of transaction facilities by dialing *99# from your Phone, Facilities Available – Send/Receive Money, Check Balance, Manage UPI IDs, Set/Change UPI PIN Know the customer ID,

How to Check Bandhan Bank Customer ID on Bandhan Bank Net Banking

Bandhan Bank customers can also check their account details through Net Banking, Importantly, the customer ID can also be known through Net Banking, All Bandhan Bank Savings Account or Current Account customers can avail internet banking service, Your mobile number must be registered with the Bank.

  • Visit Bandhan Bank Official Website
  • Select internet banking option.
  • Login in to Net Banking.
  • After successful net banking login.
  • You will go to the home page.
  • Go to Net Banking home page Profile.
  • Profile page contains account holder details.
  • See Customer ID next to account holder name and account number.

How to Bandhan Bank Customer ID through Bank Statement

Bandhan Bank Statement Contains details of the Account holder, If customers have old or new bank statement then you can know Customer ID, Check the customer ID details on the first page of the bank statement.

How to Get Bandhan Bank Customer ID by Visiting Nearest Branch

Bandhan Bank Customers have any Problems or want to know any Account details, you can Directly go to your nearest Branch and ask the Manager, Bandhan Bank customers can go to the branch and ask the manager if they want to know the customer ID.

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